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To be able to discuss and debate with people the subject of painting.
These works are not pre-designed, they are created as the images arise, the intention is discovered during the
work, without letting thoughts interfere with the design of images, from strokes demarcation area,
It creates a structure to what the outlining painting will reveal,
Especially the operation of the light, the artist wants to look different with this value the simple things in the
streets, is the human silhouette (profile), abandoned buildings or structures.
The inspiration transformed into images that are an experience, creating a stage where the mind absorbs
symbols making the work more descriptive
When I was seven years old I became interested in comic strips,advertisements
and television especially with the theme of  bicycles.

"I spent hours drawing the characters, which sparked an emotion, and a great
sense for color and features".

In 1996 I attended Architecture school , but after two years I was completely
unhappy and I left the course.
In 1998 I decided to move to Sao Paulo, where I enroled in the arts program at
FAAP, where I met many artists and and began to form new thoughts and see
things differently, getting a different perspective I began to observe and record
everyday life.
The interesting thing is to understand a new work that sometimes seems out of season or has no season, but is
always moving through space and time where the possibility and potential are always being challenged in some

It should stand as an encouragement and strength similar to writing new songs.
The artist integrates and intrigues the viewer with the experience of each work, valuing and to ways of
understanding and interacting in a two-dimensional form.
Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents