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Beobachten was passiert.
Dem Abend entgegen
Since early childhood, I have come into contact with painting, and I  have always been fascinated by world of  art
and its creative process. My most impressing childhood memories are the paintings by Vincent van Gogh, above all,
his self-portraits. Grown up close to Munich, very soon I was strolling through the  collections of expressionists of
the museums. Above all, I was fascinated of Alexej Jawlensky and his  early portraits.
Der Kosmos
Another important source of inspiration for me is the genre in the sense of old masters like Jan Steen and Vermeer.
These works show simple life as it is: in bars, living rooms, kitchens, writing rooms, while hunting, sports and
dancing. This has touched me and influenced my artistic life.
Die Last der Frauen III
So it is probably  no coincidence that I have worked in the advertising- and Marketing-Business.

Since 1996 painting has become the focus of my creativity. In an intensive process of external and self-educated
study, in close cooperation with several artists and circles, also as a founding member of the group "TheART-ISTsix", I
developed my  further work .

Colors magically are attracting me, all clear tones like red, blue, yellow,  l ike they were used effectively by the
Expressionists. And, accordingly, my paintings are characterized by color chords, mostly set intuitively big wide
brushes and an intense duct. The painting is built up slowly - at the beginning, of course, is an idea, but then it grows
gradually layer by layer. The result can be - fundamentally different from the original plan - just like in real life.
Die Verbindung
Eine Massai
Within recent years the impulse of foreign cultures has become a central subject of my artwork. Since travelling to
Africa, this continent  is haunting me with its experiences and impressions. Originally, animals and nature that were
my source of inspiration. But then I found something further. I succumbed to the human and aesthetic appeal that I
saw in the natural dignity of her demeanor, in their coexistence, in the colors of clothes and surroundings - and in
their faces.

I am deeply touched by the light-heartedness and warmth of the people, but also by their daily struggle for survival.
All this inspired me so intensely, that I have to express my feelings with a diverse and colorful array of characters
and moods. In particular, the portraits are reflecting the deep primeval happiness and thoughtfulness and are
painted in various techniques and sizes.
Nach dem Weiten Weg
o.T. II.
It’s about to play with very different faces and  their authentic
individuality. But almost more important for me is to capture the
particular mood and to create a quasi-painted snapshot - no
pleasing folklore and "ethno-kitsch", but always with respect and

My paintings were seen in the last 15 years in various galleries and
shows in Germany and Austria, among others also in the Art
Pavillon of the City of Munich
Serie III
Die Gesichter Äthiopien
Äthiopien X
Regiane Yuki Sabanai
Gisela Hammer