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The artist's works are inspired by the feminine beauty, the delicacy of distinctive features.
Living in Brazil, Gustavo Martins uses a color palette inspired by this country so rich and
full of contrasts.
The greatest inspiration is the feeling of the places he has traveeled too and continues
to visit whenever he gets the chance.

The delicate features and strong design, the colors are bright and vivid
Express everything that the artist sees and feels, imagines and ponders.

"The beauty of my works are based mainly on women. A beauty that deserves great
honors pure and sincere.  A true inspiration."
retrato para a delicada indecisão - "
portrait for the delicate indecision"
retrato para as flores do desejo -
"portrait for the flowers of desire"
a grandeza do desejo em Marajó - "
the greatness of the desire in Marajó -
(Marajó Island,Pará,Brazil)"
a eterna lembrança de Itamaracá -
"the eternal memory of
retrato para Cecilia e as tardes musicais de
Caymmi - "picture for Cecilia and the
afternoons of Caymmi's music"
a volta de Madalena -
"Madeleine's return"
delicadeza de Itaparica - (Ilha de
Itaparica,Bahia,Brasil) - "Itaparica's
delicacy - (Itaparica
o Boto - " the Boto (Brazilian folklore)"
retrato para Lais,a cabrocha dos meus
dias de desejo - "Picture for Lais,the
woman of my desire days"
o dia da duvida de Ana Lucia - " the
doubt's day of Ana Lucia"
delicadeza de Itaparica - (Ilha de
Itaparica,Bahia,Brasil) - "Itaparica's
delicacy - (Itaparica
retrato de um domingo azul - " portrait
of a blue Sunday "
retrato para Mariana,no dia do pecado vespertino. - "
picture for Mariana,on the day of sin.
retrato para a bela flor de Itaunas - "
portrait for the beautiful flower of
Itaúnas,Espirito Santo,Brazil"
retrato para a saudade de minha outra
metade - "portrait to miss my other half"
retrato para Nicanor (homenagem a
Chico Buarque) - "portrait for Nicanor
(tribute to Chico Buarque, Brazilian
singer and composer)"
Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents
Gustavo Martins