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Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents
Gutemberg Coelho
Arara Observando
Gutemberg Coelho from early devoted himself initially with theater arts and dance, but it was in the
90s that took its first steps in the pictorial arts making his first experience in the international
conference of ecology (ECO92) in Rio de Janeiro Brazil with surprising success . He perfected his
work in two different techniques, the Naif and modern figurativecubism. Now part of several collections
in Brazil and other Latin American countries and Europe. Currently Gutenberg divides his time
between his studio in Cascais, Portugal,France and Marseille in national and international exhibitions.
Casario Com Plantacao
"The inspiration comes from my everyday life, my childhood memories of the various situations and even some
trade professionals can inspire me to a new frame in my style, in the case of Cubism for example I use different
professions to create my paintings. The sea, the fauna and flora are indispensable elements for a good
I like to use bold colors and striking, movement and lots of light because I believe that these elements are
essential to a happy life, when a customer purchases one of my worksI like to think that people are taking a bit
more harmony in their lives.
Working always with aclilico on canvas using acrylic paint because it is not toxic, therefore less harmful to the
As for the future I say that the future shall belong to God, but my desire is that my work is the recognition by the
public to admire and love art."
Colheita de Caucau
Danca Colares
O Amanhacer
Plantacao De Girassol
Trio De Musicos
Voo Dos Toscanos
Voo Livres