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Houxo Que aka Questa is an artist based in
He started his career as a painter in 1999 with
a background in graffiti
and has been working on canvases,
live-paintings and murals since.
His main series of works frequently
referencing flowers, titled "Day and Night",
are luminous installations using florescent
paints and UV lights.
Selected Exhibitions / Works 2010
ISSUE / Tokyo, JP
Granomator™ iPad APP Artist Pack “Day and Night” –
ustwo™ / London, UK
Poster Campaign – TOPSHOP / UK
Wall Painting – TOPSHOP / UK
Group Exhibition “Hana to Diamond” – Compond
Gallery / Portland, US
Live Painting at “Live and Direct” – ROTTURE /
Portland, US
Wall Painting – NIKE Idea Lab / Portland, US
Wall Painting – Laforet / Tokyo, JP
Live Painting – Parco / Tokyo & Osaka , JP 2009
Into Infinity – dublub & Creative Commons /
NewYork, USA & Sapporo, JP
Exhibition “Suimmy” – Kojimati Gallery / Tokyo, JP
Live Painting Showcase ” HOUVA 4″ – Gallery
Conceal / Tokyo, JPN
BAG Design for SAG – Gaudi SAG Co.,Ltd /
Tokyo ,
Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents
Houxo Que