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Regiane Yuki Sabanai
Ibe Ananaba
Against All Odds
Amazing Grace
‘Some of my watercolours.
A medium which i love so much.
A medium that's so delicate to handle.
A medium many run away from
A medium that some feel is cheap but is not.
A medium as sweet as my favourite food.’
Brave Heart
My name is Ibeabuchi Ananaba. I’m from Obegu, Ugwunagbor L.G.A -Abia State. I was (born in Belgium and raised) in Aba but I am now based in
Lagos. I am a Fine and Applied Arts Graduate of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (1999 set). I majored in Painting. My
hobbies are listening to music, enjoying jokes and sketching. I grew up with the ambition to touch lives with my creativity and the ambition still
remains the same.
My Turn
My Village Square
Ngozi Schommers
While many, even within Nigeria, might not know me now but I know that things evolve. With time, things will unfold and like FAZE (a popular
Nigerian music artist) sang – “One day dem go holla my name”!

As long as I could remember, I took the decision way back in my childhood days.
Growing up sketching was about the greatest fun for me so it was easy for me to decide.

I think there's a little misconception somewhere. AGAINST ALL ODDS wasn't inspired by TY BELLO's song, rather TY Bello's song- 'Ekundayo'
inspired "THE VESSEL - Tribute to Mama Ekundayo series.
Show Time 4
As an artist, I open my mind to work with varieties of art materials. I experiment and I enjoy it like I enjoy my favourite food. I work with the known
traditional mediums like oils, acrylics, watercolor, charcoal and the rest but for a while I've been working more on ballpoint pen. But of course
there are so many materials I'd want to experience like oil bar and some more.

What inspires you to make art?

Everything around me, could be people, music, jokes, a it.
The power of imagination. The hunger to affect someone's thinking and feeling.
Show Time 3
What are your dreams for your work and career?

My dreams for my work and career goes from touring the world showing the outcome of what God's gifted me with at major museums to challenge, inspire and
shape people's mind to having my own cloth label because of my love for fashion illustration.
I also would love to publish books, catalogues of my works for younger generation to learn because I learnt from so many artists. The ripple has to continue
for legacy sake. I'd love my hard cover books to make respected libraries and homes around the globe.
I wouldn't mind running an art foundation where kids would come and their minds would be liberated at a tender stage to understand the importance of arts in
our lives and communities.
I'd love to erect my dream home with proceeds from my art practice.
I'd like to retire and rediscover myself, catch lots of
fun in art practice and appreciation.
Twist & Turn
Victors & Victims
You Are Not Alone