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No Jack in the box but love in the box for you
Beware of the little monsters in the dark
What is  art for you?

I studied art at the fashion Institute of Technology for 7years in NYC. But I started doodling art when I  was 5years old. My mother knew I
was born with the gift because it was all I wanted to do all day every day.
What inspires you ?

Children, the emotions, human nature and animals are my influences. The style of my work varies really. It depends on the emotions in
that given moment. My style is a whimsy reality distortion of imperfections. To me, is beautiful to be able to look at something to
appreciate and see beauty in a flaw. I'm inspired by the complexity of human nature. I turn day dreams and nightmares creatively into
abstract pieces that are whimsically lucid and at times not so lucid. People are known to be most complicated creatures and their behavior
overwhelm and intrigue me. I carefully note each of their imperfections and hidden secrets they unknowingly display in their actions.
Children are my best subject. They are like fireflies illuminating love, joy and innocence that some of us have lost or afraid to embrace. I
visit the child within that inspires me to create daily.
Lilly the elephant pencil case
Together in this beautiful Journey
A peaceful sitting
What do you think about your future in art?

I choose my colors by the definition of play - Fun and whimsical!
In the economy that we live today, it is difficult to buy a piece that is $2000 dollars. So yes my work is affordable. Not everyone has that
kind of money to spend. I do smaller works  that people can afford and other large pieces as well. It's just the way it is right now.
The creative process - When I was a child, I pictured the real world as a circus. It was the only way to cope with the ugly reality I saw
around me. Transforming ugliness into beauty. I realized within the ugliness of things lay an underlying charm I accepted because it was
real and true. Life as I saw it became my play ground taking bits and pieces of it and turning them into pieces of art. I'm in love with
capacity of knowing that I can feel everything even when it isn't pretty. I don't restrict myself creatively. I absorb it, channel what ever
might be hidden and throw it up as soon as I'm ready. The idea of perfection in a piece of art does not appeal to me. But, the imperfection
that my art conveys does. I like my art the way it comes to me. My paintings convey emotion.
On my free time I love to walk with my dog write, my journal with a glass of red and meditate at the beach.
Color me wild and crazy in love portrait - wall art
El Carnival
Clutch - Alice, the red queen, the rabbit, the mad hatter
I Love the carnivals and the circus for the magic, beautiful costumes, acts, the animals, the makeup
and love the entertainment. Very inspirational to me. It takes me to another world and it inspires my art!
The journey
Regiane Yuki Sabanai presents Magaly Ohika