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Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents Mariana Palova
The Leyend
The Soul
The Wait and the Noose
The Oniric Navigator.
The Wish
Unable To Be Free
Cubist Revolution
I am my own model in almost all my
pieces, sometimes the people take this
like a reflection of vanity. But my work is
not a self portrait of me, my body is just
an instrument, a tool that I use to create
my art, that is why somethimes I am
unrecognizable in my own works.

My artwork is inspired by many
untouchable and unexplained things. It
is difficult to give a category of what
kind of art I do.
Probably, conceptual and surreal are
the most indicated terms, but I prefer
not to use labels. I take everything off;

My bowels, my heart, my ideas, my
bones, my memories, my letters...
Everything is out of my body, and when
it's there, in my left side, the world
comes and make what ever that the
world wants with that organs, and I am
there, being a spectator of my own
This is not a mirrow of me, is a mirrow
of everything, of everybody. I feel so
satisfied when somebody finds
something in my works, that is also
inside of him, but something that he
never noticed before.
Mexican, born in June 30, 1990. I am studyng graphic design, but my passion
has always been art. I refused to take photography, painting or drawing
classes. What I know I’ve learned due to practice. When I was a child, I had a
fascination for the surrealism, I started to draw since I could grab a pencil, but
I never felt satisfied with the drawings and paintings that I made in all my life.
At the age of 15, I worked as model with some photographers and in a
fashion agency.
Later, I wanted to be in front and in behind of the camera, at the same time.
At 16, I started experimenting with self portraits, just for vanity, and later for
expression. I started to feel something that I did not find in the traditional art.
At the beginning, I had a confusion of personality, but after months of
madness, I found my style, myself and my work. I made my first complete
exhibit at 17
Infinity II