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Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents
Viviani Fujiwara
Vooo Dooo Doll
A Cacadora
Viviani Fujiwara brings to the screen a little bit of fantasy that only a child can create with such perfection.
"The inspiration for the paintings are born on the day to day ...even if this fairy tale that children live every day and in which I'm
included too! The first pictures, talked a lot about freedom and choices ... and that was the time I left the bookstore where she
worked and walked away from Recife-Brazil It was a lot of freedom!
The art is taking its shape alone ...

My work is playful, awakens forgotten places in people's minds and is very happy. There are those who scribble drawings in the
notebook when you're watching a boring class ... it's like if I took these sketches and prepare a little more to turn them pictorially.
A Dama D Agua
A Maca
Bad Little Cat
O Caminho
Sobre O Futuro Talvez Amanha
Um Jardim  Para RecebeLa
This is a good definition of the work of Viviani, given by herself. It's a way to have fun and forget about the boring stuff while you
work and get their support. Being an artist has its advantages: whoever wins the privilege of working with what gets through here
like a little piece of heaven
1000 T Suru
Chapuezinho Vermelho E Para O Amor
Garden Of Birds
Jazz Feeling
To Catch The Rainbow
The Arrival And The Reunion