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Car and The Deapartment Store
Montreal One Second
Pedestrian Crossing In Sakura Zaka
After graduating from Osaka Art University, Yukinori Tokoro started working as a freelance photographer proactively.
His works were high-profiled and featured in foreign magazines, and he became more active not only in Japan but internationally.

“ I want to express something very sensitive and small which makes you feel the essence of lives, such as slight trembles of skin by from a pulse and the
movement and flow in the air that a life would create.
Beyond things that our eyes can reflect, I want to express things that I really want to see and what my brain and mind are seeing by using the art
technique called photography.”

With such a pure passion and original technique which no one can copy, he created fantastic works with a universal image of beauty, and he proved that
his world and view is the only one of its kind. His spectacular creations are almost like miracles.
They seem like floating between real and unreal with such a unique vision of the world.
The various art fields consider his works as far beyond just “photograph” and the creator Tokoro as a highly respected artist.

“ I would like to try to represent subtle things such like what can make a feeling with only living: skin's vibration which moves along the pulsation and
the flow life breathing lightly and slightly. I also hope to look a living body which must be there surely as keeping in the motionless world of a
moment. ”

It is the world fused universal image of beauty and original technique which nobody can copy: fantastic works which created from a pure passion to
express what exceed the visibility I want to see and what my brain and mind by the art called photography. That do not permit other followers.

The works with one world view, the miracles like floating reality and fantasy, surpasses the limit's of photography and gets a high value as a
worldwide matchless artist.
Deoparture Of Ginza Line
Last tango In Paris
Human Kinetics Occuring During One Second
Exit  From Mark City
Road To Haraguku
Side Street
Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents  Yukinori Tokoro