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Architect Regiane Yuki Sabanai

Some time ago, we thought  the year 2000 would be this
catastrophic turning point.
The turn of the millennium, the world would come to an  end.
The TV cartoon The Jetsons, where cars are like ships that
float, there are moving walkways
and houses suspended in tubes.

We are in 2010 and the architecture is as before, a little
more creative with modern and renewed materials.
Studies to farm buildings there and perhaps in the near
future, the architecture becomes so super modern structures
and powerful people will live in the high seas?
Browsing the internet think about this project. Yes, many
think of houses built in the sea, the desert, the moon ..
The sea, giant has begun to be exploited for large projects
such as the eccentric city of Dubai. A structure created to
accommodate millions of people.
One idea that has been thought is to build entire cities on the
sea, where these structures have cameras floating,
anti-corrosion materials and could be towed to other parts of
the ocean. All automated.
Dubai City
The idea is to relieve the population growth of
large cities like NY, Hong Kong, Tokyo.
With waterways, recycling systems and control of
natural hazards and hydrological mega projects,
the thinking is that live at sea, in cities
self-sufficient would be a great solution to climate
change. Zero emission of pollutants into the
environment through various types of
technologies (solar, wind, tidal, biomass), some
projects provide that the city will be able to
produce their own energy but also absorb CO2
from the atmosphere.
It is the change in culture, a new vision for all
Some say that experience tells us that human
behavior can be changed, both as a constructive
activity for a destructive.
Utopic or new reality?
It is hard to believe that this utopian future is
happening right now in Dubai.
And who knows, replace the cars with boats that fly
and  travel between cities and oceans. ...
And thinking about the future, this will be a new
space, a new job market for architects?


Regiane Yuki Sabanai

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