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Christ's Offering
Arch Angel Michael
Gabrielle's Gift Strength
Prodigy 1997 62"X42"
oil on treated Styrofoam
US $23800
Mask I 1994
24"x24" oil on treated Styrofoam
US $11500
oil on treated Styrofoam
US $15200

Park West Hospital, 170 West 76th Street, NY NY – November 18, 1946


Bronx Community College CUNY - graduated 1976 AA Fine Arts

Pratt Institute – Manhattan – Certificate – Computer Graphics 1989

Lehman College CUNY - graduated 1991 BFA Cum Laude

Lehman College CUNY - graduated 1993 MFA Cum Laude

What is art to you?

Art is a process that generates an experience in its performance and viewing.  At times the art process precedes the experience
and at other times the experience created the art.  My art will generally be rich in details or sublimely calm seeking the sacredness
of a subject. My art, hopefully, offers a vision the viewer will share and appreciate.  I will have succeeded, if the viewer becomes
even remotely interested in the ineffable sacredness of the piece.  

Art is the first language to explore communication with the self and others. Art offers symbols to human understanding in coping
with fear and the unknown demons of our subconscious minds. It can also be a very dangerous weapon to control people’s lives.

The Process:

When I create a drawing it is termed, ‘a little’, it is much like a writer makes notes. The definition of a little is to make a small
drawing within a confined area, one inch square, to develop structure quickly. Later, I review the littles for reflection and possible
further enhancement. An enhanced drawing is called a ‘bump-up’. The definition of a bump-up involves taking the little further
along in size and details. Generally a bump-up will be four to twenty inches, in size.  I commit a period of time on these drawings
between three months to two years before it placed in a mat and framed.  The next level involves taking the bump-up to paint,
acrylic, pastel, or charcoal.  This is generally how I process art making.

My art has no limits in the use of materials – I am a Pluralist Artist. A theme will enter my conscious mind and I will explore it
usually first with graphite.


I make art because it’s the only thing on my mind from morning to night.  When I am not physically making art – I am drawing
mentally or watching everything around me for signals.

I remember drawing since first grade (1950) when I was five years old at Ascension School of Religion‎ 220 West 108th Street,
New York, NY‎ - I started making saleable art from 1965 but sold my first art piece on eBay to,  Mr. Tom Sammon,  April 2, 1999-
Item -- #78414922 – The art was an oil painting of a blue angel, entitled: “BLUE”.  Because of this, I usually use, BLUE, as my
avatar logo in facebook, twitter, etsy, artwanted, fineartsamerica, redbubble, and zazzle.

The Future:

I need exposure and sales. Someone with insight and the financial backing to recognize I have a unique vision and the discipline
to make it a reality.  A have a unique collection worth the investment.  I need a place to work with space in order continue creating
beautiful drawings into museum quality paintings.

Sincerely Yours,

James K. Lanigan-Thompson

69 Center Street

Pearl River, NY 10965

Home: 845 735 9575

Mobile: 914 588 5662



Art is being updated and best scene using

College – age 21

2010 – age 63
James Lanigan Thompson
Age 5
Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents James
Lanigan Thompson