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Brazilian artist Junior Lopes began his career with drawings of cartoons in 1990 in northern Brazil and the following
year, he moved to Sao Paulo. There he worked in magazines and newspapers and is currently making  pictures with pieces of
scrap cloth. Using a graphic technique combined with creativity, Junior is displaying several of his  celebrity pices here in the New
York Optimist.

The idea  began when he was looking at the floor of his house there were black cloth's and one with  white flowers sprawled out in
front of him. he saw in his mind an image of Jimi Hendrix.
From that moment he began to create many images and found a beautiful new technique.

In 2004, an advertising agency hired him for a Levis advertising campaign, which ended up winning the Golden Lion at Cannes.

With exhibitions throughout Brazil, Mozambique and entering the European market, his art has garnered
global interest.
juniors work shows the joy and the fusion of materials and colors.

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