A work of art can be defined as a creation of man as a symbol of beauty or to represent a given concept. Examples of works of
art are sculptures, paintings, poems, architecture, film, music and more.

The artwork is different from the common object. The common object has only one practical and useful role in society and is usually
produced in series by industries. There are artworks that can also have a practical use, but most characteristic of art is the difficulty in
giving it useful attributes.

Many works of art do not qualify and have more than one interpretation.
What is considered as a work of art depends on a cultural concept, history and the very meaning of art, which in general can be understood
as an activity linked to the aesthetic, created by artists through perception, idea, reason and emotion ( states of human consciousness), in
order to stimulate awareness of these instances in one or more viewers. This is the function of art.
Furthermore, the usefulness of the work of art is to serve the end that it was designed.

Art is synonymous with beauty and is replaced by a subjective meaning, which means that anything can be considered art as long as
someone to consider as such. Is the record of ideas.
Currently, there have been various forms of art in the houses.
Artists of various styles use the imagination and create fantasy through painting, graffiti, drama, photography using your right brain and
setting trends.
The art can be understood only as belonging to high society, excluding the lower class in financial matters.
In richer social classes are the decoration of their rooms, exquisite works of renowned artists at a cost of billions of dollars. Sculptures found
in expeditions, scores of songs found and stored under lock and key can be considered great art in wealthy homes. Or a piano or guitar for
a famous artist adorn the great room.
This concept is changing, from small artists who excel in media that are born in order to disseminate them and somehow let them famous
and highlighted. Magazines, newspapers, painting on walls in neighborhoods of artists, museums that open their doors to all help to make
everyone have access to great works.
Rock paintings can still be found hidden in walls around the world and when released to make sense and to visit local tourist art.
In the modern world, pop art comes and invades the homes. Replicas of large paintings and also consider that all are works of art inside
your home.
The craft, with the use of raw materials found in nature can also be an example of art, where in the near future may be works of art only a
few such objects in ivory or golden grass, nearly extinct.
In short, art is an act of expressing our feelings, thoughts and observations.
'The conventional wisdom says that to make an art that will result in a work of quality, you need a specialist artist, for him to attain a level of
knowledge on the demonstration of technical ability or an originality in stylistic approach'.
There is also an attempt to say that art often can not be bought, just because an idea can not be sold.
Anyway ... talk about art is complex and infinite. Beauty, esthetics, balance, form, proportion. Many adjectives attached or not, include or
make art.
And talk is an art.

What makes a work of art which is chosen  to be featured?

Regiane Yuki Sabanai
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The New York Optimist
Study of horse from Leonardo's journals
– Royal Library, Windsor Castle
Michelangelo's The Last Judgment. Saint Bartholomew is shown
holding the knife of his martyrdom and his flayed skin. The face
of the skin is recognizable as Michelangelo.
Auguste Rodin
The Gates of Hell - Musée d'Orsay.
Artist Leonardo da Vinci
Year c. 1503–1506
Type Oil on poplar
Dimensions 77 cm × 53 cm (30 in × 21 in)
Location Musée du Louvre, Paris
Total Art
By Regiane Yuki Sabanai