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Kaliopy: How long have you been a photographer for? self taught or Other?

Rosina Lamberti: I started my photographic career as a commercial photographer spending endless hours in my darkroom some nights over
200 images would work there way through. I studied at various colleges even returning to RMIT to learn the digital process.

Kaliopy: What inspires you to take photos of the unique objects you choose?

Rosina Lamberti: My inspiration is simply to find beauty in every little thing

Kaliopy: How do you manage to find the secret graffiti spots in Melbourne?

Rosina Lamberti: Discovering hidden photographic gems is all part of the fun of documenting graffiti around melbourne, though l must say
Hosier lane never seems to let me down always a treasure to be found. I have met some wonderful artist that have been keen to have their
work documented and be admire by the est of the world through photography.

Kaliopy: How do you capture these images before it is repainted over by new artists?

Rosina Lamberti: This is a combination of luck and dedication to making time to visit as many location as possible and always finding the
unexpected beauty in the most unlikely place, having my canon with me all the time, even when doing a wedding shoot I’m always on the look
out for graffiti

Kaliopy: I noticed you love to capture bright colours, not only art on walls but also boat/beach houses across Melbourne?

Rosina Lamberti: There is something inspiring about capturing colours in natural sunlight, the hues draw me like a magnet not only in graffiti
but also the beach houses that dot our unique coast line. In saying l love colour l do lots of black and white I think they tell a beautiful story,
they make you wonder what the colours were.

Kaliopy: Any interesting experiences while photographing in the alley's?

Rosina Lamberti: My favourite is the green shoes in Colours co-ordinated, a young man eager to have his work photographed but not his
face, his hooded jacket covered his face, but his green shoe sole’s remain the focal point in the series, as the months roll pass his shoe soles
fade to a dull green almost as a symbol representing his art form.
Here for a short time my photography makes them here for a lot longer
Rosina Lamberti