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Roxy Van Diver
I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  After stumbling across a casting call online, I
landed my first role in a feature film.  That was the springboard for me that led to roles in
nearly a dozen films in and around Texas.  I never imagined I had what it takes to model
until I was approached by Kenny Haner of Subsociety Studio and asked to pose.
It was on the set of my starring role in Spirit Camp however, that director Kerry Beyer
took me under his wing and started photographing me regularly.  I credit him with teaching
me how to move in front of the camera and create awesome images.  I started working
with photographers from all over the country and loving it.
Since then I have started my own website and blog, where I write and post
new photos regularly.  I now own and operate my own small business Kitty5Oh.  Kitty5Oh is a
studio for photography, modeling, styling, digital art and retouching.  I send autographed prints
all over the world and make appearances at parties and events.  
I felt I had really "made it" as a model when a Columbian Art company called Colorescupitajo
started using my image on surfboards.  I'm also totally honored to be featured on
The New York Optimist because I love New York and try to visit as often as possible.  
Being an Alt Supermodel has it's ups and downs.  There are critics out there who can be snotty
because they don't see you as a person, but as a piece of meat.  I don't let it get to me though.  
My friends and family are super supportive.  I enrich peoples' lives by creating art with my body
and that makes it all worth it to me.  
My fans are the most loyal and kickass fans a girl could ask for.
My goal is to be featured in more print magazines, especially tattoo mags, and to keep making
movies!  I have a few film offers in New York City, so definitely keep your eyes peeled!
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