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Ryan Myers
Her Majesty, Oil on Canvas 9" x 12"
The Path Less Chosen, Oil on Wood 8" x 8
Ryan Myers was born in Long Island, New York and trained at Hartford Art School. His
playful, somber paintings grow out of an early obsession with Pee Wee Herman,
Hanna-Barbera Laugh Olympics and the bad children from Willy Wonka and the
Chocolate factory.
Populated by children still with indifference, leering animals and ominous shadows, the
candy land of sweet pinks, greens and blues masks the all-consuming melancholy of
the paintings. Ryan’s work can be found in various galleries across the United States
and Europe. He currently lives and works in New York’s Hudson Valley.
The Waiting, Oil on Canvas 20" x 26"
No Good Deed, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"
Naptime Was His Kryptonite, Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"
The Terrific Burden of a Parasitic Ear Flower, Oil on Canvas 9" x 12"
Fiona Wilting, Oil on Canvas 8 " round
Protector, Casein and Oil on Wood 5" x 5"

December 2009 Art Basel, Miami, FL Multiversal Group Show
July 2009 London Miles Gallery London, UK Candy Coated Canvas Group Show
June 2009 ArtStar Philadelphia, PA Draw4 Group Show
June 2009 C.A.V.E. Gallery Venice, CA Curious Oddysees Group Show
April 2009 Toast Gallery Paris, FR My Doll Group Show
April 2009 Alternative Cafe Gallery Seaside, CA Confections Group Show