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Schimmel Art
In Private Collection
[Scottsdale, AZ]
Jackie O
In Private Collection
[Scottsdale, AZ]
Les Notes Apres la Pluie
junk mail, personal greeting cards
In Permanent Museum Collection
My Vision:
To perfectly join the disciplines of painting & mosaic to create a connected collection of
representational images in segments of color - utilizing resources that would otherwise go to waste.
In Private Collection
[Scottsdale, AZ]
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are the essentials:

Hand work:  Absolutely no technology, programs or dies are used to create my art. It is hand-painted, hand-cut, hand-applied, hand-embellished,
and hand-finished. Tens of thousands of decisions are made.
Unique: The technique was  developed over a number of years; combining my love for
color, portraiture, contemporary art and mosaic. I call it Acrylic Mosaic Fusion.

Green: I create without waste. I upcycle junk mail, calendars, post cards, photos, old greeting cards, tags, etc... it's all paper waste I collect. I use only
water-based, acid-free, non-toxic materials to create my work. It is completely eco-friendly. I reuse and repurpose canvas, frames, etc. whenever
Cherry Blossom
In Private Collection
[Los Angeles, CA]
In Private Collection
[Goodyear, AZ]
Inspiration: I was in Venice several years ago. I saw a portrait made of tiny fragments of colorful glass. It was too heavy to
carry by train, so I decided to make one "just like it" when I got home. After trial & error, I decided to use ephemera instead of
glass or tile.
It would be too simple to say I am inspired by Byzantine mosaics, Louis Comfort Tiffany or Antonio Gaudi... it's both the
assemblage and the color in the materials that moves me. I am process driven as well as image-centric....Figurative work has
always inspired me – I tend to focus on the female. My vision is to create beautiful yet thought-provoking images of beauty; in
vibrant color.
Deeper Meanings: Where can beauty be found in a culture of conspicuous consumption? I believe we are an aggregate of tiny bits:
who we are and where we've been - or who we want or pretend to be.  Each piece expresses a mood – a calculated effect - high
drama, serenity, sexuality or humor.
In Private Collection
[Nashville, TN]
In Private Collection
[Palm Springs,CA]
In Private Collection
[Houston, TX]
Psychelic Paisley Paul
In Private Collection
[Tempe, AZ]
Shakespeare, Wiliam
Star Gazing
St. Catherine, Patron St. of Artists
junk mail, paper samples, christmas
Twig the Wonder Kid
In Private Collection
[Tempe, AZ]
Sweet Honey Rox
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