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Exotic, Eccentric, Chic, Clever - words that immediately came to mind
last week when I had  a very exciting lunch experience at a hot new restaurant
called Singapura on
Lexington Avenue between 27th and 28th street also known to some as curry hill.
And it was an experience indeed.

Nestled between a stretch of top quality Indian restaurants,
Singapura is sure to be the toast of trendy New Yorkers who love finding the newest coolest hot spot to
dine in town.  Singapura brings you a special blend of Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian cultural
cuisines much like the people of Singapore itself.

There is just a way the Indian Culture has of making one feel like a king or a queen.
Catered to, a special guest in a special place.  
These are polite people, courteous and sweet natured. A belief in spirituality is certainly
a contributing factor in the way any culture approaches its people and the people they come in contact
with.   At least this is the way I felt when having Lunch at Singapura.
It might have been the several glasses of chilled Sa avignon Blanc served toot sweet by a lovely bartender
named Moiz at a nearby restaurant before I arrived to lunch at Singapura but
there is no denying quality when you taste it, see it and feel it.

The food here is quality.
I cant  say that I have had anything but the best experiences
when it comes to dining in this neighborhood.

Roshan Balan a good looking young well dressed Indian gentleman
escorted our photographer and myself to the restaurant and made a few suggestions
before heading off to an appointment but based on the menu it was evident we were in the right place for a
unique lunch.

Fresh vegetables noodles rices, curry's abound throughout the restaurant in an aroma that immediately
sparked our appetites.

We tried a number of dishes and broths but here are few that stood out amongst a menu that had
something for every taste.
Sweet Corn Soup with garlic and scallions.
Tom Yum Soup a savory shrimp and sour soup with lime leaf and lemon grass.

For starters and appetizers we tried the Potato Curry Puff: spiced potatoes and Cauliflower
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Roti Canai:A Malaysian favorite with chicken and potato curry.

We then moved on to seafood
Green Shrimp: Coconut Curry Eggplant and Bell Peppers
Hot garlic Shrimp: Wok Tossed with red Chiles and Ginger.
Spicy good.

Chicken: Feeling mischievous and slightly frisky we had the Devils Curry:
Chicken and vegetables in a fiery sour curry sauce.

Chicken Satay:
Chicken In Peanut Sauce sambal

We finished with the Beef Cashew
with Pineapple and celery

I cant be absolutely certain but I think I might have
had a religious experience after eating this amazing
spicy rich food and based on the wildly
fun and giddy mood of our photographer I think he was feeling the same way.

Whether you work in the neighborhood or your looking for a new place to have lunch or dinner
Singapura has the perfect combination of atmosphere menu and service to satisfy
any Prince or Princess ;-)