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765 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
(212) 397-2377
In the heart of the Theater district or what many New Yorkers call Hells Kitchen
Is a restaurant called Stecchino, which translated in Italian means the thin man.
And I am sure that it’s possible to remain trim and fit especially when the food is
healthy and well prepared.  But when the food is top of the list fine dining and extremely affordable based on
the level of quality preparation and freshness who wants to watch calories? The funny thing is I have not had
the chance to try the food yet at Stechinno.
Then how do I know? Well there a few tricks to getting a good feeling about the food in a restaurant before
trying it.

1. Aroma. Usually when the scent of freshly grilled seafood herbs and spices and fresh cuts of select meats
are dancing through  the air above you then you usually can tell that this is might be the right place to settle
in or make a reservation in advance for dinner.

2. Freindly good looking and professional staff .  Stechinnos Staff and clientele are on the whole good
looking professional and as I experienced on a Tuesday evening which usually is the not the busiest night of
the week for restaurants in general, this place was buzzing with energy and filled to the hilt.
After several specialty drinks mixed by the bartender who was not only an expert mixologist but an up and
coming actor I was hooked.

3. Atmosphere and Appearence. Although  I have been to many restaurants that were lacking in the interior
design department but still delivered a good quality meal, you probably wont find many restaurants that are'nt
highly styleized in Manhattan. Stecchino reminds me a lot of  what bars and restaurnats were like years ago.
Dark wood bar and accents art deco tile work smoky mirrors making the dining experience somewaht
majestic and very comfortable.

I look forward to heading back to Stecchino’s to try the food just have a look at
the selections on the menu
and i am sure you will be on the phone making a reservation
For dinner soon.