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Astuti Indonesian
Bayu Indonesian
Black Diamond Famous Singer from Bangladesh
Elisa Queen of The Belly Dance
Eresha Sri Lanka
Face From Bangladesh
Face From Bangladesh A
Face From The Phillipines
Fang Fang China
Fatima Bangladesh
Federica Italy
Hind Morrocco
Indonesian Face
Korobi Bangladesh
Liza Bangladesh
I was born in Rome on the year 1974. After
studies of philospohy and psychology I found
photography at first just for a  hobby, maybe 4
years ago. But only one year ago I began  to
take photos very seriously. During the New
Year celebration of Bengali people in Rome, I
ended up  working with them and other
foreigners from many different communities.
I think the differences teach us a lot each of us
individually I truly despise any type of racism.
I hope to show through my work  the
beauty of diveristy.
In particular I work with  the muslim community
(Bangladesh, Arab, Indonesian) following their
events and rituals I now believe  that muslims
are one of the most unknown and interesting
community's  in Italy so often viewed through
the eyes of the prejudice.
Now photography is my work. Im a portrait
photographer: working  with artists, singers,
models or simple people... My motto is
Photographer Stefano Romano
Lubna Bangladesh
Madhobi Bangladesh