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Stephen Elvidge
I'm a predominantly self taught UK artist though I did
study for two years in art and design several years ago.  
I've been painting and drawing for pleasure all my life
but only in the last five years or so have I begun to take
it as a serious venture with the advent of internet based
art sites.
Upon discovering that what I created in my spare time
as a pleasurable pursuit was being enjoyed and
appreciated by others it gave me the inspiration to do
more. I have since exhibited my work in various galleries
within the UK and I have taken on many commissions
for landscapes, potraits of people and animals and nude
I have also worked with musicians to create artwork for CD
covers and sold paintings to various corners of the globe. I work
mostly with acrylic paints but I also use watercolours, pen and
mixed media
What appeals to me and inpsires me is strong lighting or
shadows and more unusual angles. Not only is it a challenge for
me to paint but hopefully it'll make it more interesting and
different for the viewer.
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