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Suzanne Unrein
oil on canvas
48″ x 60″
Food Handlers, 2012
oil on canvas
68″ X 80
oil on canvas
64″ x 76″
Aquarium 2012
oil on canvas
53″ x 68
Hands & Eyes from Maximon Pictures on Vimeo
So. I mean “massive” in every sense of the word. These are relatively large works but, more importantly, the
insinuated scope is large; the swiped hauls of broad, scooping paint suggests the entwined hounds, boars and
prey reminiscent of Peter Paul Rubens. But this is Rubens with the gloves off. You’ll find no Flemish red, blue
or gold. These are the earthy greens and brownish grays of a muted palette. But there’s such raw action being
depicted that it seems we’re witnessing the beginning of an end. We’re watching an old world not being
dismissed but made new. I would suggest that Ms. Unrein presides over the Rubenesque past by committing it
to the future — a feat typically relegated to the hallowed ground of the great poets and artists in the Western
tradition. But here it is. And, thank Yahweh, it’s in our own ‘hood.

“Detour” and “Obliquity” are pieces so rounded in their contours that they remind us (subtly) of the ferocity of
exotic animals, hippos and crocodiles, painted by Rubens, as well as the rounded haunches and necks of his
muscular horses and dogs. His world is one of immediate and savage profundity. And that is precisely what
Ms. Unrein has captured so remarkably. It’s not a copy, of course; it’s an invocation of gods once laid to rest
and now resuscitated just a stone’s throw from central Dallas. Head for Monitor Street and see for yourself.
This is good stuff. Great, even.

Patricia Mora, Dallas Art + Culture Magazine, September 2010
Cliff Music, 2011
Oil on Canvas
84″ x 60″
Solo Exhibitions
2012      RARE Gallery, New York, NY
2011      “Suzanne Unrein from ‘Hands & Eyes’”, Pop Up at the Hamptons international Film Festival, boltax.
gallery at Design within Reach, East Hampton, NY
2010      ”Suzanne Unrein & Craig Cully,” (two-person), Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX
           NEXT Art Fair,, Chicago, IL
           RARE Gallery, New York, NY
2008      “Suzanne Unrein.Subtracting Evolution,”, Shelter Island, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2012      “The Contemporary Figure: Past Presence” curated by Matthew Marchant, Museum of Art & History,
Lancaster, CA, September 6-November 24
2011      Texas Contemporary,, Houston, TX
          Hamptons ArtMRKT,, Bridgehampton, NY
          Dallas Art Fair, Galerie Urbane, Dallas, TX
2010      The Norwood Collection, Norwood, New York, NY
2009      SCOPE Miami, RARE Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
          RARE Gallery, New York, NY
          “Suzanne Unrein, Heejung Cho, Hong Seon Jang”, Gallery 201 at PS122, New York, NY
2008      “The Art of Thought”, Curated by Kim Abeles, The City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA
2007      The City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea, Ca
          Artists Space, New York, NY
          “Small Works,” PS 122, New York, NY
2006      Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York, NY
2005      Artists Space, New York, NY
2003      “Suzanne Unrein: New Drawings”, The City of Brea Art Museum, Brea, CA
1999      Miller Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
          Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1998      “LACE Annuale”, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
           “New Painting and Sculpture”, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA

Grants, Residencies & Awards

2009      Fellowship, Jentel Artist Residency Program
2007-8   Project Studio Recipient, Painting Space 122, NYC

Born in Sacramento, CA
Lives and works in New York, NY
BD, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Works On Paper
Study for “Tyrian Purple”
Oil on Paper
22” x 30”
Study for “Weed Killer”
Oil on Paper
22” x 30”
Study for “Cuirass”
Oil on Paper
22” x 30”
Study for “Equivoque”
Oil on Paper
22” x 30”
Study for “Qualmed”
Oil on Paper
22” x 30”
Study for “Que Besa Su Mano”
Oil on Paper
22” x 30”