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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the cultures of India?
When I was a kid I read every book and story I could about the myths and fables of far off lands.
There were the Greek gods who ruled over Mount Olympus. There were the German fairy tales of Hansel and Gretel  
by the great Brothers Grim. But some of my favorite story's were  about the Maharajah and his harem of beautiful women
that served him grapes and catered to his every whim. Then of course there is the famous story of Aladdin and his magic
lamp and flying carpet. The story's draw you in and can provide a child with hours and hours of entertainment.
These story's allow the imagination to soar to great heights.

As adults most of us deal with much different story's.
Rooted in reality we work hard to shape our life's into the best
version of what our dreams and goals have allowed us.
The power of entertainment is second to no other sensibility on the planet.
It provides us little escapes that come in the form of good food, music, television,
and of course now the Internet.

But I think the top of the list would be  food.

New York like many metropolitan city's across the country
gather  the best foods from  every culture imaginable.
Broken into little pockets this city has every culinary cultural creation covered with names that take the title of the great
country's they are originated from. I'm sure your familiar with China town Little Italy, Curry Hill and the list go's on.
Tamarind of Tribeca and the Flat Iron district  has managed  to take  the best of fine Indian style cuisine
and create the perfect combination of atmosphere and unique renditions on classic dishes like
Masala subtracted the chicken and added big juicy delectable pieces of lobster  and the result is like being transported
into a world of taste and design that is second to none.

We started with appetizers, Papadon Indian nachos with lentils and chutney.
Khari Mushrooms and ricotta cheese
Bhel Pori: Assorted crisps and Noodles with sweet and sour chutneys.
I thought we might sample a few different cocktails while we began our journey into the diverse selection of appetizers but
our waiter Viraj suggested that we try the fresh ginger peppermint martini's and the spicy sweet refreshing taste of this
drink made me a loyal follower and I decided this was the perfect drink to sail through at least 40 % of this amazing feast.

Still in the appetizer part of the meal Viraj then brought out Chimbori Jalwa crab meat with madras curry powder ginger,
garlic green chilies and scallions.

Bataki Kosha capped off the appetizers and in all honesty I could have doubled up on this dish for an en tree.
Crispy duck with mustard, onion, garlic,  ginger and garam masala, hand rolled in a rice crepe with black salt and
tangerine chutney.

We were then about to explore the treasures of the Tan door and if your familiar with Tandoori Chicken you may or may not
know the magic of this  cylindrical oven that bakes foods to a flavorful perfection like no other meat or poultry that I have
ever tried.

Tandoori Champ: Lamb Chops marinated in yogurt, cardamom, garlic, royal cumin seeds and nutmeg.

If you haven't began to get ready to head downtown to Tamarind Tribeca just give me the opportunity to introduce you to a
few more of these outrageous dishes.

Pastooni Murgh (Chicken) Chicken roulade in a kashmin red chili sauce of pistachios, cashew nuts, rose petals and
saffron. YES I SAID ROSE PETALS ! ;-)

Then my favorite of all favorites was the piece de resistance  
Seafood !!  Lobster Masala
Lobster with mustard seeds, tamarind ( large tropical seed pod with very tangy pulp that is eaten fresh or cooked with rice
and fish or preserved for curries and chutneys) coconut milk and madras curry powder.

All the above served with basmati rice and garlic nan bread may i summarize by saying this is the kind of experience that
you must absolutely try.

Want to treat your wife to a night out on the town
Have you been trying to figure out where your going to take that first date?
Do you just want to buy yourself a gift for being such a hardworking heck of a guy or Gal ?
Go to Tamarind Tribeca the enchanting lofty atmosphere with 40 foot ceilings
and windows that look out onto the trendy chic streets of Tribeca this restaurant is hands down
The hottest spot in town. Oh yes I cant forget to mention there is no pretentious snitty service here
Gary Walia the host of Tribeca Tamarind will welcome you like your part of the family.
Professional courteous and warm  Tamarind Tribeca is the best of the best!