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The Lambs Club
132 West 44th Street
(btwn 6th Ave and Broadway)
New York, NY 10036    212-997-5262
Ok all you lovers of Jazz fine dining and luxurious high-end interiors,
sparkling floor to ceiling windows and
Designer lighting included of course.  

The Lambs Club located in Times Square’s theater district is the place to be. Wednesday night and Sunday brunch Jazz is by far one of
the more dazzling locations that this jazz hound has had the chance to sample in some time.

Housed in The Chatwal Hotel The Lambs club is a two story wonderland that brought me back to the time when men wore hats to top off
their suited attire and the lady’s were always dressed in fabulous evening gowns and high heels when stepping out on the town.

I was there mainly to see
The Lindsey Webster band which I had featured a week before the Wednesday night event. Never a critique and
always the optimist, looking only for the one spark that I need to give a thumbs up to any performance I ventured out with moderate
expectations as some venues have less than perfect sound systems.

But I am always pleasantly surprised when an act outperforms my expectations and even sometimes blows my hat off metaphorically
speaking. Upon entering The Lambs Club I had that feeling of Deja - vu
As I had passed by the entrance several times before and shrugged it off as private club for stockbrokers and investment types.

The clientele is upscale make no mistakes mainly professionals
and hard working corporate types but the atmosphere is down to earth.

The Front desk managers were friendly and accommodating and I was sitting at a table next to one of the owner’s who sat through
Lindsey’s two-hour set with a satisfied smile on his face.  And why not this girls voice rocked the entire two floors  -  mezzanine and
restaurant below with a tingling set of jazz numbers that brought tears of joy to my eyes.

With a very capable band backing her sultry vocals this was an evening that I wont soon forget. The menu for what they may have called
bar snacks was an A list of tasty treats
Ranging from the jumbo fresh shrimp cocktail to the calamari served with a unique dipping sauce that had a rich creamy texture and
packed a certain tangy punch that worked perfectly
With the tender and perfectly battered seafood ringlets.

After some poking around I found out that The Chantwal Hotel is designed with a tribute to a bygone era of art deco antique ambiance,
combined with all the modern conveniences in mind.
I did not have a chance to fully explore the restaurants menu, but chef Geoffrey Zakarian
A culinary mastermind with a career that has brought him all over the world and who has worked at the finest restaurants from the 21 Club
to Le Cirque not to mention the winner of the Next Iron Chef Super Chefs has designed a menu that will have food lovers screaming for
more. I look forward to getting back to The Lambs Club very soon as the
Entertainment schedule on their weekly list of events has me waiting in anticipation of another electric evening or Sunday afternoon where
I might sample their next great show.  
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