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On a strip of Lexington Avenue between 24th and 32nd is a little neighborhood in Manhattan known to some as Curry
Hill and others as Little India there is a brand new restaurant on the corner of 28th street and Lexington Avenue
called The Three Hens. But to my surprise and to those of you foodies out there always looking for the newest hot
spot to have something different from your usual restaurant routine
The Three Hens will probably come as pleasant surprise to you as well. Being that The Three Hens is an American
restaurant with a menu that puts a twist on what you might be used to when it comes to American fare. Well what
does one usually think of when it comes to Americana in a meal?

Cheeseburgers ? French Fries? Steak? umm  - Meatloaf!!
Well if thats what comes to mind then you wont be disappointed as Three Hens brings all of these traditional dishes to
you but with a certain flair that leans toward a mix of the most popular comfort foods from all over the globe.
Of course they serve the finest hamburger on the block Grass Fed Beef, mary Rose Sauce - pickles, Lettuce Onion
with the addition of the cheese of your choice
and lets not forget the bacon if you so choose to be dangerous.

But of course I had to be different so I tried the Lamb Burger instead and luckily I was right on the spot as it turned
out to be my favorite dish of the evening. Served with a spicy pickled radish and fries I was completely satiated and
couldn't have asked for more. But after writing about restaurants for some time now  I knew to save some room for
the selection of other scrumptious dishes on the way.

My date tried the Grilled Salmon Nicoise, with green beans, olives, hard boiled eggs, red peppers and a dill dijon
vinaigrette. The Crispy 5 Minute Egg came next with a frisee salad asparagus, bacon, and lardon vinaigrette. Starting
to sound simply risqué and naughty isn't it,
but wait the surprise's were just beginning.

The Italian in me started to shine as the manager Patty brought out a Bucatini Carbonara with crispy prosciutto,
pines, herbes, leeks, and mushrooms. Then a shrimp risotto
followed the last dish served with seasonal vegetables.

The Three Hens have thrown the chicken out the window and approached
this menu with the strength of a rooster.
Choosing possibly my most favorite dishes in the world!!!   If it was possible I would have tried the steak frites - au
poivre or with garlic chive butter or maybe even a Cuban sandwich. BLT's Chicken Pot Pies, Mushroom Ravioli,
Seared Scallops oh MY!!!!!

The Three Hens may actually have brought the idea that if you could have one day to eat whatever you wanted
without gaining any weight and having an insatiable appetite what would you have well
thats exactly whats on the menu. Almost everything that most Americans love brought together in an art deco
atmosphere with mood lighting and diner - esque booths to boot.

My best guest is the surrounding neighborhoods of Murray Hill and Grammercy Park will find out
about this comfy Lil gem and become regulars.
I know I cant wait to get back and have
another tasty lamb burger ahhhhh everything in moderation so they tell me.
The Three Hens