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Tito Gargamelli
Tito Gargamelli
I make art from the perspective of a researcher or explorer of new worlds, It may be the same feeling that you
use to travel, I believe that our mind is able to grasp the different realities that are hidden to the human eye.  
Art allows one to enter into, perhaps worlds that parallel ours. It also allows you to hide the everyday life and
enables us to perceive new aspects of life because it brings together elements from our unconscious and
rejected them out prepared for the understanding of those who observe them.
I make art because I want to show an alternative to the culture that currently rules the whole world, as it was
a new opportunity to live the reality, with particular attention to the spirit of tribal cultures because they have
embarked on a journey very different from what we live in now in the modern world, so we can learn to
perceive things that escape us.
When I imagine a humanity living species in ruins, and I fear a decline due to stupidity, so now portrayed
human beings as if they were degraded by time, from the weather, pollution, difficulty of living in a complex
world and at the same time depicted them as if they had a force of rebirth ancient and ever present due to
the ability to innovate, to evolve. I created a different mythology, mixing the symbols of classical and tribal  
mythology with  objects of modern symbols of nowadays, because I think that only the fusion of tribal cultures
with the scientific one can give the solution to the problems of our time.
Using images of the walls of the ruined streets of our cities, tiny details of our urban environment, as if they
were small doors to access other worlds, each spot on the street can be a sky at sunset or storm, or the
asphalt ' plaster on the walls can be the skin of the human being that survives.
I also want to ruin the perfection that characterizes the concept of beauty, bringing to life the reality of the
mirage of wealth that motivates most people.
Often recycling images taken from the web because of the abundance of production today leads us to having
to recycle what we already have, as in the industrial field, in order to survive. I walk in the web and I take
what I need as I am a frre man in the bush.
I wish I could have the means and a studio-garage to create a new human culture, turn to the cities to look
for signs of hidden worlds, to show what I can see between the folds of reality.
I'm looking for a gallery that  believe in my art, I'm not envolved in art-system, I'm an outsider, I need time to
work on this art project, I need a sponsor to make me be able to go on in this research.
I'm moving my first step in US, I think I can do great artworks using every kind of signs in this land, I'm sure
that I can receive a wonderfull ispiration from persons, bodies and faces, also from walls all around the USA.
I'm planning to have a trip in NY soon. I travelled to the east, now it's time I go to the west.
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