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Artists Commercials
2009-10, HD video
Varying lengths

Artists Commercials is a series of video commercials depicting real artists in their studios promoting themselves,
as in actual television spots.  Directed and scripted by Nguyen, the artists deliver irreverent and sarcastic monologues that toe
the line between truth and fiction, serving as a colorful analysis of the economy, art market, identity, party politics, and all else
under the sun.

Like Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists, Nguyen’s commercials are his own embellished, “historical” accounts of the art and
artists of his time.

And you might also be wondering what that tag is, the Society for the Emancipation of Nameless Art. It's a future project
focused on "Un-untitling" works of art.

Thanks to Submissive Films for all their help!
Artists Commercials
Adieu grandes illusions.
2010, Infinity mirror made of plexi mirrors and glass, neon el-wire, wood frame
3 inch deep x 30 inch diameter
TRONG G. NGUYEN is an artist and curator based in New York. He has exhibited
nationally and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including Sequences 2008
(Iceland), 9th Havana Biennial (Cuba), Conflux 2007 (Brooklyn), and Performa 05 (New York).
As a curator, he has organized numerous exhibitions, including Never Late Than Better (EFA
Project Space), By Invitation Only (Kinz, Tillou, + Feigen), The Guy Debord Show (New
General Catalog), and Who? Me? (Zabriskie Gallery). His shows have been reviewed in the
New York Times, Time Out New York, Paper, The Believer, Trace, Village Voice, and many
other publications.

Trong has received grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Lower Manhattan
Cultural Council, Harvestworks Digital Media Center, Bronx Museum of the Arts, and Puffin
Foundation. He currently serves on the Fashion in Film Festival advisory board and has
previously guest-lectured at Latvia Center for Contemporary Art, School of Visual Arts,
Location One, New York University, Columbia University, Icelandic Art Academy, and Catalyst

By day Trong is the East Coast Editor at Artslant. His texts and interviews have appeared in
Art:21, New York Arts Magazine, and Flavorpill. Recently he finished writing a "lost chapter" to
The Da Vinci Code based on the secret love life of Marcel Duchamp
Days of the Week Paintings
(2007-08), 7 paintings nested in one another and diminishing in scale.
Silkscreen on raw and gessoed canvas. Edition of 2 each with one artist proof.
Dimensions variable (largest 68 x 68 inches)

Each painting represents a day of the week, and is intended to hang on the wall in a single
spot, removing a painting to represent each day as necessary. The image is a depiction of the
Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she is to conceive a
divine child. In this version, that act is constituted as one of ex-post facto “non-consensual” sex
with a minor, which in this day and age would be constituted as rape. The text scroll in each
painting differs and is the sequential lyrics to the chorus of the Nirvana song Rape Me.