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Two  8  Two Bar & Burger
282 Atlantic Ave between Boerum Pl and Smith St,
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn (718-596-2282)
Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson for Time Out New York
Is there such a thing as the perfect burger?
Yes!! And I found it in the  super cool and hip neighborhood of Cobble Hill Brooklyn.
Bar & Burger two 8 two located on 282 Atlantic Avenue between Boerum Place and Smith Street.

Have you been to this neighborhood recently?
Well if you haven’t  jump in a taxi or hop on the train because its only ten minutes from downtown Manhattan. Its
worth the trip especially if your in the mood for a neighborhood feel on a Friday or Saturday night  Park Slope,
Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill  Brooklyn is filled with an eclectic selection of lounges, bars, restaurants and live

Owner Billy Thanopoulos has pulled out all the stops
when it comes to bringing a new twist to an American classic.
It might be the perfect blend of the freshest cuts of chuck, brisket and short rib which is delivered fresh daily from
the neighborhood butcher shop Los Paisanos, or it could be the simple but  elegant interior design accents of the
dark wood bar and exposed brick walls.  but make no mistake
Billy's Burgers mean business.

Served on a martins potato roll the Billy buger was my first choice.
grilled onions cheddar and two 8 two sauce
(a spicier version of thousand islad dressing) this burger truly surprised me.
After trying the cheeseburger deluxe on the menus of a host of greek diners throughout Brooklyn and Queens i
thought I had tasted the best in burgers,
but Billy has blown away all the competition in my opinion.
Dont only take my word for it, after only a year or so in business the press has found this neighborhood gem and
the chances of it staying a secret for long are slim.

I dined at the bar and accompanied the burger with a few cold beers on tap, another wonderful addition to the
experience. Cold beer and a burger you dont get more New York than this.
Let me also suggest the boardwalk style hotdog (1/4 pound shickhaus)
served with your choice of bacon and cheddar, chili and cheddar or just a the classic dog
you wont be dissapointed and you certainly will satisfy your most
sinful desires for filling delicious food.

Billy it was truly a treat and I cant wait to get back to try your lamb burger.
Is it crazy that every time I get hungry I think about taking a trip back to Bar Two 8 Two.
Trust me when you try it you will too !