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Bar and Ristorante
8530 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
(718) 833-0043
Just when I thought I had tried the best of the best in fine Italian cuisine
Especially the greatest calzone and pizza in New York which may not exactly classify as Fine Italian classic fare but certainly
wins the prize hands down every time in my book.
I am proved wrong again. Vicolo our newest culinary discovery located in whats becoming one of our favorite testing
grounds for
new and fresh restaurants, which seem to
To be appearing like fresh flowers in the spring in this sleepy little town by the ocean.

Vicolo is part of a highly successful group of family
owned restaurants by the  Abitino’s.
Known for a long history in the Italian restaurant and pizzeria business Vicolo has brought together the elements that make
any restaurant a success. Number one the food!! But outside of the high quality ingredients and a masterfully prepared
menu is a perfectly designed layout.

The evening started with a greeting from the owner Mario Abitino Jr. and a warm welcome into his restaurant, I was shown
to a table in the windowed section of the restaurant one of the two main areas, and the tables
were buzzing with couples and families in great anticipation of what would promise to be a fantastic dinner from this modern
Italian menu.

My waiter Anthony,  a young tall Italian gentlemen who was well versed in the food culture
An aspiring chef and foodie himself began to read a list of over a dozen specials
Prepared specially on this particular Friday evening, each mouth watering and with the addition of light music in the
background and and the scent of freshly made dish’s floating through the air it only made the anticipation greater.

I started with the Insalata Di Mare and discovered the levels of eccentricity
After years of writing about fine food I was climbing to.
I realized this with the help of a beautiful woman sitting at the table next to me.
It appears that when I am tasting mind blowing food at this point I close my eyes and savor every moment and I would like to
thank this woman for pointing it out by mentioning sir you must really be enjoying that dish’ what is it?
Instead of being mortified after being woken from what I will describe as a food trance I told her, the Insalata Di Mare is a
healthy serving of a combination Calamari, Shrimp, Octopus, in a garlic parsley lemon and extra virgin olive oil.

If I was looking at myself behaving like this I might have said something sarcastic to my date like geez look at that guy he
looks like has never eaten in a great Italian restaurant.
But based on her response I might have looked
like a guy who just really appreciates great food!    

The Vicolo menu is amazing and of course I wanted to get a good feeling for the
Many different dishes. So I asked for a taste of a few of the food groups from the menu seafood, maybe a chicken selection,
and pasta. But before I began I couldn’t help but try
The Calzone knowing the history of the Abitino’s, and this was by far the best calzone I had ever tasted the dough was fresh
and light and the cheese and sauce were completely different from any pizza style calzone I have ever had before served on
a dish and eaten with a fork and knife this may have been the highlight of the meal.

But the entrée’s were on the way, I chose the Petto Di Pollo Spiedinato
A pounded chicken breast stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and spinach with a green peppercorn sauce, this dish was
interesting cause it had more of an American feel to it
Hearty and delicious but probably not the direction I would have like to have continued with which up to this point was strictly
Italian, I was wavering between this dish and the Petto Di Pollo Valdostana which was recommended by the waiter but the
thought of a combination of gorgonzola and spinach won the bet.

Finally the dish I was here to try as I had heard from friends that this dish was a cross between performance art and culinary
Italian culture. Tagliolini al Tartufo & Parmigiano Reggiano – Homemade Taglioline with black tartuffo tossed in parmigiano
reggiano cheese prepared at your table and mixed in a huge wheel of Reggiano cheese.
This dish was delicious creamy and filling beyond my wildest dreams.
Each dish in itself is more than enough for one person but on a tasting basis the experience is well - out of this world.

I thank you Mario and family for treating to me to what may have been the best Italian meal I have had in a restaurant in
some time, no disrespect to you my Italian Mom as your food is always the best in town! I had to add this, as Sunday dinner
at moms is a tradition.
I can’t wait to get back to Vicolo to try the pizza baked in a brick oven in the restaurant.
Bring your girlfriend  - wife - friends to Vicolo in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, as it will be an experience that you wont forget.