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Vincent Zambrano was born in Manta, Ecuador. It is there in the vivid colors of South America where he
became interested in visual impressions and the art of creating them. Zambrano grew up in Queens,
New York and studied Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Through years of painting, he
experimented with different styles and subject matters challenging himself, as well as the viewers.

His work, often a portrayal of the human condition, has become intense and evocative.  Beginning with a
photograph, Zambrano digitally incorporates patterns and creates collages which he then transcribes
onto a canvas with oil paints.

To expand his creative talent, Zambrano studied film directing at The School of Visual Arts. For him,
painting and filmmaking are very much the same, just different mediums. His films are an extension of
his artistic view, provoked by his own experiences with family, politics, religion and culture
In 2002, Zambrano presented his first film, “La Arana”, at the HBO International New York Film Festival.
With a talent for bringing together like-minded creative professionals, he then wrote and directed, “The
Heart of a Broken Tale”, which was accepted at the Cannes Film Festival 2006. In 2009, he completed a
feature film entitled, “Shadow Boxing”.
Zambrano continues to thrive in both art and film.  His most recent film, “The Moment I Died”, is
currently in the film festival circuit, and his artwork has been exhibited in several group shows at the
Contemporanea University of Connecticut, Hutchins Gallery, and C.W. Campus Long Island. Much of
his work is also in private collections.  

Zambrano’s work is emotional and honest, showcasing a promising artist with great talent.

For more information, contact Vincent Zambrano at
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Vincent Zambrano
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