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A little while back just as the summer was coming to a close, we had the opportunity to partake in a elegant and upscale dining experience at Whispers in
Spring Lake, New Jersey. Whispers is located inside the historic Hewitt Welllington hotel, a beautiful Victorian building where the lighting cast from the crystal
chandeliers adorns the white linen table cloths and silverware creating a classy yet comfortable atmosphere to dine in.
Executive chef,  Scott Giordano has curated a menu of modern American cuisine--what I like to call "upscale, gourmet comfort food"--a traditional selection of
seafood, poultry and meat dishes that will satisfy and soothe the senses.
Our first course was the scrumptious homemade gnocchi with lobster meat, shallots and oyster mushrooms in a lemon sage sauce.  We also tried the
arugula, frisee and endive salad with bosc pears, blue cheese and candied pecans in a zesty champagne vinaigrette $10. Scott really knows how to use
combinations that compliment each other and enhance the taste of each ingredient. My guest had the fresh tuna with seaweed salad and soba noodles; I had
the lobster over crab cake with sauteed spinach. (Our main courses were amazing although difficult to finish after the first few courses, but the food was so
delicious I couldn't help myself and ate most of it anyway). We finished with desserts; the chocolate ganache cake, rich and sumptuous, was filled with
chocolate ganache that melts to form its own chocolate sauce. The decadent banana bread pudding was topped with chocolate sauce and creamy vanilla ice
cream. Both sharable desserts were $10. (This meal would have cost double in the city). The presentation of all the dishes was impeccable,  the service was
courteous, warm and professional.

I'm not a food critic, but after writing about many restaurants I have a good idea of what people like and what makes a restaurant popular.  It is no wonder
Whispers is a local favorite.  It meets all the criteria for a great restaurant: great food, great presentation, great service and great ambiance and is worth the
short drive from the city if your looking for a romantic, majestic dining experience.

Note that the city of Spring Lake does not allow restaurants to sell alcohol so Whispers asks that you bring your own.
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Hours: Open 7 Nights a Week Starting at
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::: Whispers is BYOB
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