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Worm Carnevale
Worm Carnevale is a Brooklyn artist originally from Delray
Beach, Florida. His work explores the topics of identity,
adolescence, sexuality and violence. He is best known for his
photo installations, instant film, photo animations and video art.
September 2011 | We Dream As We Live | 950 Hart Gallery | NYC
August 2011 | Where the Wild Things Are | Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern | NYC
June 2011 | You're Unlucky Too | Pop-Up Bushwick Gallery | NYC
May 2011 | Cell Culture | Le Salon d' Art | NYC
March 2011 | To:Japan /Love, New York… | Munch Gallery | NYC
Feburary 2011 | Oh, Love Hurts | 950 Hart Gallery | NYC
October 2010 | Freaks N' Geeks | Bushwick Project For The Arts | NYC
June 2010 | Remedy | Bushwick Open Studios | NYC