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Reached the Ecole Nationale d'Arts Paris-Cergy diploma this year. Works essentially on the absurdity and the surrealist
feature of contemporary and current everyday life scenes.
March 2010 : “Keep Calm and Carry on”  show at Belleville, Paris.

Avril 2010 :  created the “Youth's Talking” factory

7th June 2010 : Exhibition at the OT301 contemporary art center,  Amsterdam.

8 - 15 Juillet 2010 : First exhibition of “Youth's Talking” at the cultural center of Ain Diab, Casablanca.

September 2010 : group show at Lijiang art center, China.

6 novembre 2010 : live action "1980-2010" at the 104 art center in Paris for
"jeune création"

19 may 2011 - 19th june 2011 : Exhibition NETWORK. Galerie Venise Cadre, Casablanca.

6th-14 july 2011 : Second exhibition of the Youth's Talking factory in Morocco

30th september : Exhibition at the Marrakech Art Fair
French Photographer
Yasmine Laraqui
born In Casablanca in 1989, lives and works  in Paris