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Diaries of a Waitress by John Sebastian

Diaries of a Waitress by John Sebastian

Part One:

His arms were short, his teeth were sharp, he sat there at table 1
with a crazy look in his eyes and smiled at me with a half cocked glazed
stare that made me think of movies I had seen about murder and the occult.
I couldnt help but find him attractive though.
It was the strangest thing, I had visions of him eating his steak,
which he ordered rare, and chewing every bite so he could
properly swallow and digest this massive slab of
raw red meat.
He told me his name was Phil and that he was well known in the entertainment
industry his client list included big name celebritys who he mentioned to me changing his tone of voice to a
whisper, up close standing in front of him in my waitress uniform looking down i could see as he drank his
bloody Mary
that there was more to this strange and frighteneing man than his physical appearance and wondered how the
feeling of repulsion could turn into attraction, was it the tailored navy blue suit made especially for his shorter
than normal arms or was it the way he talked about himself as if he was telling me a great secret.
At 26 years old I have met my share of storytellers here at BO's Diner.
Mainly Travellers on thier way to Hollywood to chase the impossible dream of becoming a star
and lighting up the universe, I am also a practising thespian and look pretty darn good
for a petite lil shy girl
from Pasadena, at 5"1 inches a well endowed bosom and a pearly white smile,
I have no trouble when it comes to meeting men and every now and then I get to meet a special person whos
different from the rest, someone I would give a chance to get know me, which is a priveledge I dont give to
many people, even after working here at the diner since I was 16 most of the other waiters and waitresses dont
know me that well and in a small town thats an accomplishment in itself.
I like to keep to myself mainly because the truths that I have endured in my life arent the type of conversations
people like to have around thier dinner table.
My father was abusive to me and my mom and was drunk most of the time, one night after the prom
I came home late around 2:00 AM and when I opened up the screen door to enter the house mom and dad were
screaming louder than usual, I heard him say shut the F__K up woman just shut up and then a sound like a clap
of thunder ending with a bone cracking crash ... and then silence...
the light that was shining through the crack in thier bedroom flickered on and off and I ran as fast as I could
instinctively to see what had made that sound, i threw the door open wide and saw my father standing over
my mother who was lying on the floor between the bed and the dresser.
Her eyes were closed and blood dripped from the right side of her head onto the black shag carpet
I jumped at him screaming you son of a bitch ill kill you ILL KILL YOU!!!!


When I opened my eyes I was lying in a hospital bed looking up at a doctor and two nurses.
The room smelled of disenfectants and it was cold.
I pulled the sheets up fast and clutched them tight around me.
The bright lights glimmered off the knifes and needles on the stainless stell tray beside my bed.
I realised I had no idea what had hapened and how I got here.
The Doctor a tall good looking man in his 40;s asked me how are you feeling today?
With a shutter I was barely able to speak and began to feel pain all over my body,
Ok I guess.. was the reply.
What happened to me doctor?
Looks like you were knocked unconscious by a heavy blow to the face Victoria
and you have a mild concussion. Are you in Pain?
Suddenly the pain was getting sharper and I could feel the bumps and brusies
on my face and head and on my arms and shoulders.
Yes doctor the pain is really starting to settle into me now.
He turned to the nurses and prescribed mild painkillers followed by an amitripylene drip.
Im giving you some painkillers to help you sleep and get some rest.
You should be feeling a lot better by tomorrow morning, your very lucky your neighbors
heard the noise and called the police.
I have some bad news Victoria.. your mom did not make it she was killed instantly by several blows to the
sphenoid bone, temple and eye orbit area, I am very sorry.
I began to cry after hearing this news and everything I had forgoten rushed back
to me all at once. That son of a bitch!! Murderer he tried to kill me and he killed my mother.
The tears became hot on my cheeks and despite the pain my body tensed up,
every muscle twitched with revenge and I screamed at the top of my lungs Fucker!!!
I must have passed out because I woke the next morning still in pain but much less after the
amitripylene drip the doctor had prescribed.
The nurse brought a tray of runny eggs and toast with a small glass of OJ here you are dear
you should be up to walking after breakfast and will probably be able to leave in the early evening
Who darling? my father where is he!!
He is in the county jail and probably wont be getting out anytime soon, hes been charged with murder
Son of a bitch!! a life time of pain and he gets free room and board at the county jailhouse.
when 6:00 rolled around I decided that I had enough of the hospital food and was feeling strong enough to get
dressed and leave.
I couldnt stop thinking about what was happening and needed to get away.
I needed to get away from my thoughts and the burning desire to revenge my mothers death
and remove my father from my memory and from this earth.
The house we lived in was put up for sale and I moved in with my grandparents who owned
the house me my mom and my dad lived in.
The months and years passed like a dream that was blurry and out of focus.
My dad was killed in the county jail after getting into a fight with the leader of a latin gang
and my grand parents passed on one right after the other leaving
me alone in this world at the age of 26.
I had enough money from the sale of my parents house and
now owned and lived in my grand parents house. I kept my job as a waitress because I was able to make money
and stay busy with the hopes of meeting an interesting traveller on the way to a destination that might take me
far away from this place.
I wasnt interested in college so I skipped it all together and instead decided to become a writer.
After my parents death I began writing in my diarie and it seemed to bring me out of a dark place
time and time again.

I asked Phil if he was finished with his dinner and was ready for desert
he smiled a crooked smile and said what are my options?
Fresh Baked Cherry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Moose cake, blueberry tarts with powdered sugar
and chocolate Ice cream, those are the special deserts we have tonight Phil.
Im working on a film right now that already has Angelina Jolie attached to the project,
The director is looking for a fresh young new talent to play the role of her daughter
have you ever acted before Victoria?
His question made me blush, and his voice had some kind of alluring quality that drew me closer to him.
I said with a bit of a cough, well I was in many of the high school plays.
And I write plays and short stories.
A cell phone rang the opening melodie of Beethovens moonlight sonata
and with a gesture asking for privacy he picked up the phone and dissapeared into conversation.
I stood there for a moment gazing out the large glass windows that sillhouetted the reastaurant in an amber light
at day break and thought... wow finally a chance to work in Hollywood with big stars
and lots of money and best of all leaving this town behind for a new future.

A bell rang waking me from my daydream.
Bo Swenson the chef and owner of Bos diner was one of the best unknown cooks on the West coast
and his specialty was the way he served and presented the mainly american fare served at Bo's Diner.
Victoria had lost track of her other two tables in the midst of
thinking about her past and dreaming about her future.
Vicki, come on girl whats going on with that weird guy over at table 1
hes creepy looking and we have hungry familys here waiting to eat my famous cuisine
chop chop! Bo was a great guy and an extremely hard worker, he was my high school sweetheart and a very
popular guy in High School he won all state champion on the wrestling team and at 30 years old
he didnt look that much different than he did in School.
After being injured during auditions for the WWF he came to work in the family business
and after his father died hes been here ever since.
Sorry Bo, I was just talking to that guy at table 1 his name is Phil and hes a bigtime Hollywood agent
he asked me if I was interested in working in a movie with Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie huh, well thats bigtime, I hope you told him no.
I didnt have the chance to say anything his cell phone rang and then you called me over.
I dont trust those guys from Hollywood thier all crooks and scam artists.
Be careful with that guy theres something about him that gives me the hee bee jee bee's
Ok Bo now let me bring these people thier food.
Table three was a Chinese family of four Mother, Father, daughter and son.
they were speaking about something in chinese and it must have been funny because they were all laughing,
except for the daughter who must have been about 7 or 8 years old.
She sat there with a frown on her face straring into her glass like it was a crystal ball and held the answers to
the universe and based on her expression the answers did not look good.
Hello" ok we have the Meatloaf Supreme with salad and mashed potatoes,
the Father raised his hand, Grilled Chicken Salad with fresh lemon and Balsamic Vinegar,
this was for the mom and the kids both had burgers and fries.
I placed the food in front of the little girl and she grabbed my wrist at everybodys surprise.
She looked deep into my eyes deeper than anyone has ever looked at me in my life.
Her eyes were the darkest color brown I had ever seen and if not for the black pupil they appeared to be
completely black depending on how the light was hitting them.
In a tiny voice that was barely audible she said you are in danger.
Then she said it again louder"
I tried to pull back but she had a strong hold on my wrist, again she repeated this faster
you are in danger, you are in ... and then she went silent dropped her head let go of my wrist and stared at her
A thunderbolt struck with such force that it probably cracked the tarmac outside in the parking lot and the light
dissapeared from the sky completely leaving the reataurant illuminated with the quaint and atmosphereic
lighting from the art deco lanterns that hung above the tables.
The Father yelled at his daughter, Gina!! what is wrong with you!!!
I am so sorry Miss she usually doesnt act this way in front of people in public.
Thats ok, but you did startle me little girl and gave me quite a scare.
She didnt look up at me ahe just continued to stare down at her food but made no signs of touching it.
He turned to his wife and said something quickly in chinese.
She looked slightly frightened and nodded her head in agreement.
Well if everything is ok here"" and I walked off feeling a chill that ran from my feet to the back of
my neck, what was she talking about?
was she ill or did she really sense that I was in danger.
Bo waved me over Vicki we are closing a little early tonight I have to take a trip to see my mom
she needs help with the roof and in this rain she may be swimming if I go over there after closing.
Ok Bo no problem...
The rain was hitting hard on the windows now and the wind was howling with a fierce and violent tone
that sounded like the spirit world had been awakened and it was very angry about it.
Phil waved to me from Table 1 , Vicki it was great to meet you and if your interested in
coming to Hollywood tomorrow ill have a Limo come and pick you up
and drive you to the set to meet Angelina.
The bill came out to $12.00 and he gave me a fifty dollar bill handed me his card and said
The car will arrive at noon I will have a room reserved for the night at the Beverly Wilshire
and you can return the day after tomorrow, only thing is I need your answer right now.
There are over a dozen girls scheduled to meet the director and Angie
but I have a feeling about you and think you would be perfect for the role.
The only permission i needed was from Bo because I was scheduled to work the lunch and dinner shift
tomorrow .... Phil raised his eyebrows", Well?
Yes I will be ready at 1:00 Phil.......

too be continued..
Flavia Sollner