The Rebirth of Optimism – Obamaism

The remarkable victory of Barak Obama is the best testimony for the
rebirth of optimism.  He is going to inherit a nation with many serious
problems and yet unlimited potential.  For President Obama to continue
overcoming the challenges and promoting our progress, he will require that
we all keep the spirit of optimism alive and well in each of our lives.  

We have witnessed another incredible milestone in world history.  The
election of an African American President speaks more about the changes
of our culture than it does about politics.  Yes, of course he ran a great
campaign and raised a lot of money to do it, but no one can doubt that it
was his single minded focus on positive thinking that ignited the country’s
imagination and resulted in a landslide victory for him.  This is proof that
optimism can successfully compete against pessimism and triumph over
it.  This is a profound lesson we should all stop and reflect about.

There are many challenges before us – as a nation and as individuals.  The
most powerful weapon we have to fight the uncertainty we all face is our
deep, persistent attitude of optimism.  What exactly is that, you may ask?  
The answer is a complete identification of oneself with positive thinking,
that you continually seek the most positive response available.  The
uncertainty of life evokes fear, the polar opposite feeling is courage,
confidence and faith that “Yes we can!”  The purpose of anxiety is not to
paralyze us, rather to inspire us to search for the most positive emotions
we can express that extinguish the fear and mobilize us to reach our goals.  
Today more than ever we are confronted by the consequences of many
years of fear and negativity.  The cure is to promote courage, optimism
and positivity.  Barak Obama’s leadership and personality embody these
qualities better than anyone else.  Whether you are a republican or a
democrat or an independent, using him as a role model can help you stay
on the positive track – what I think we can call Obamaism.  

John Ryder, Ph.D.  Psychologist, author of Positive Directions and Mental
Fitness Expert.

Hope that fits the bill for this week!  See you later.


Houston, TX, Mural
The New York Optimist
February 2009