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Sign A Lease

What does everyone want from me these days?

Is it spring fever?

My Landlord slips a lease under my door, not once but 3x. I am not ready to sign it..I want to buy something and stop
spending rent. Doesn't he get the message. Lets go month to month.that is perfectly legal, stop with the lease.

The car dealership wants me to sign a lease. If I buy the car instead of leasing it, is it still called "a lease" or am I signing "a

Everywhere you go, you have to sign this, put your pin # in for that, give a password, take a pass.

All of this is fine and is part of life I guess. HOWEVER, what we must NEVER do is: take a pass...on life!

Life will surely PASS us by if we do not live it!

Speaking of landlord and dwellings, why do we ask people "Hey, where do you LIVE?" and most will answer with "I live
in.. or I live on this street or in that neighborhood."

What we should really ask is: "Where do you RESIDE?" Most often, people RESIDE at the dwellings they describe. they
do not LIVE there. You can LIVE anywhere in the world and be part of any community. It is important to be grounded
yes, but now when people ask me where I live, my reply is:

"Well, I RESIDE in beautiful Brooklyn, but I LIVE EVERYWHERE!"

To be proper I will sign my lease or move out, but most important is to have a great "lease" on life!

My dear departed friend Marty Fischer, always called me "elise" instead of "elisa," no matter how many requests I made
for the latter. We would wind up laughing so hard it really didn't matter what he called me..well within reason!

So here is to YOU MARTY..Thank you for all your help and advice over the years. Advice about cars, apartments, the
men in my apartment, and much much more..You taught me to Live in the moment, Love openly, and Laugh forever.


"a lease"