The Three B's

Brooklyn, Beacon, Bethel..

What do all three cities have in common?

1. All three cities are in New York State
2. All three cities/towns are rich in history and culture
3. All three are great places to have a primary or second home

Beacon, NY and Bethel NY are both within 2 hours of Brooklyn, NY (allowing for NYC traffic!).
One is west of the Hudson River, in Sullivan County, while the other runs RIGHT ALONG the Hudson in Dutchess County.

You will find endless outdoor activities such as kayaking on the Hudson, rafting along the Delaware and fine hiking trails
which meet both towns as part of  the Adirondack Trailway!

Beacon and Bethel are locations with both rustic and higher-end lodging and dining.

You have Bubba's BBQ in Bethel or Max's On Main, in Beacon.

Pete Seeger lives in Beacon,NY while the late great urban entrepreneur Chester Chapin, is the inspiration for the private
community of Chapin Estates, in Bethel, NY.

You have Mt. Beacon or the Catskills Mountains. You can see everything from Shakespeare in the Park, in Boscobel, to The
Allman Brothers at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts!

As you may already know, Bethel Woods is also the ORIGINAL site of Woodstock! I actually stepped in a bit of rainy mud on
my path to see The Allman Brothers and I thought, "I cant even imagine what it was like here back in Woodstock!" My
concert buddy was actually AT Woodstock, and he was sure to fill me in on that amazing experience! By the way it was my
FIRST Allman Brothers Band concert and I am hooked!

While we cannot go back in time we can always reflect on earlier days, unique experiences and pieces of history that will last
for generations to come. That is the beauty of these Upstate NY regions. They hold their beauty and respect for nature long
after people have left their sites.

Back to Brooklyn....

The desire to travel to places "away" from home or out of the city, has long been a tradition. The midnight runs to the
Catskills hotels with the family (topic for another article); the drive due north to Albany or the return to college after a
holiday; to the "far" east of the New England (Boston, Vermont) regions; south to Virginia and D.C. for work and to
everywhere else is thought that to "get away" you need to "go away."

With so much to do in and around the city, it is no longer always a necessity to travel far, in order to feel like  you are "away."

Did you know that you can go Kayaking for free in Red Hook, and grab dinner in Fairways or Trader Joe's right after?
The Brooklyn Cyclones play the Hudson Valley Renegades which takes in both the Brooklyn- Kings County and Beacon-
Dutchess County regions at the same time!
You can take FREE Yoga classes in Marine Park or in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and take in tons of free concerts wit top acts, in
Seabreeze Park and practically all over Brooklyn.
The best bagels are in Brooklyn, think- Bell Bagels or L&B Spumoni Gardens for their famous "square slice" of pizza.

I can go on for hours but I only have a suffice to say that:

Whether you choose to stay local or travel, you can "get away" and enjoy the endless experiences in Brooklyn, Beacon, Bethel
AND Beyond!!

For complete information on each town and for end of summer activities or for the Hudson River's 400th anniversary
celebrations, please visit:
The New York Optimist
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Ellie Robyns
"The Three B's"