New Season, New Hope!

Is there a better time to explore a new town, then in a new season? To see new sites and to find some "new
hope?" To work on that book you have been talking about?

is a perfect time to find a new place to visit. Especially so close to NYC!

New Hope, Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places. Even after traveling outside the country, I have New Hope, Pa
on the top of my travel list!

Why? Can it be the feeling of both country and city in New Hope, or the famous artists you may encounter? The
quaint B&Bs? The antique steam train ride through the region or the restaurants on the river?

New Hope, Pa brings me so much joy and relief from the very hectic and often unfriendly city dwellers. While I do
love the pace of NYC and even though most are friendlier then given credit for, there is that joy in knowing you can
get away, even for a day trip. To feel like you have downloaded most or all of your stress! Get off your computer and
onto a new "screen"ing of your life.

Feel like yourself again in New Hope! With so much to do, yet within a hour and a half drive from NYC, you will fell
like you are hundreds of miles away!

New Hope runs along the Delaware River, and borders New Jersey. Actually, Lambertville, NJ is only a WALK across
a foot bridge!

In the two towns, you will find bikers and bond traders, walking side by side, both licking the famous New Hope
homemade ice cream. There is money here, and most are very humble about it. You can take in a Off Broadway play
at the famous Bucks County Playhouse or drive just past town to visit Peddlers Village. A perfect spot during the
winter holiday season, Peddlers Village is replete with craft stores, clothing shops and tree lined tours.

Back around town, you can find an endless array of restaurants such as Lambertville Station, which has amazing
soups and appetizers as well as fresh seafood. Try the Spicy Crabcakes!
There are also numerous restaurants along the river with picturesque views of George Washington travels.

Spa shops, music stores, antique jewelry, antique cars. You will find it all in New Hope, Pa!
You can take the Ivyland Railroad through town, to see all of the historic points in and around New Hope and the
surrounding regions.

The Wildflower Nature Preserve offers frequent tours and hikes. So many rare flowers and plants are native to New
Hope and to the region, you will get an amazing lesson in botany and beauty.

Speaking of beauty, if you want to stay in a beautiful inn, visit The Inn at Bowman's Hill!

Although there are many quaint B&Bs right in the town of New Hope, The Inn at Bowman's Hill is the perfect place in
which to be outside the town, but close enough to walk to it or even closer to drive.
Either way, the grounds are pristine, the pool is chlorine free and the spa is spectacular. Once a private home, Mr.
Bowman, worked hard to convert it into what it is today. It looks like an untouchable estate but feels like your own
home, once you walk in.

Their breakfast is made to order, fresh omelettes with wild chives for example. Herbal iced tea is always available and
the menu is health oriented overall. The suites are incredible and some are duplex in nature. You may not even want to
leave your room!  It is truly an "four season" Inn!

I can summarize New Hope this way:

It is like Greenwich Village in the country!

This Fall and in every season, you will "fall" in love with New Hope!
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