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Big Paper Airplane - Ethan Murrow
Sled is responsive, soft landing in doubt 2009
graphite on paper
Murrow’s strikingly detailed graphite drawings
blend together the unique sense of reality and
fiction he creates through his intensive working
process. Creating intricate fictional narratives, as
of an expedition searching for whales on the St.
Lawrence River , Murrow makes videos of his
characters, then bases his drawings off photographs
or stills from the skits.

Murrow’s work is included in Guggenheim
collection and has been reviewed by the
Los Angeles Times and The Huffington Post, among
others. He received his BA from Carlton College
and his MFA from the University of North Carolina
in 2002.
Landing crew unaware of descent, protocol to be reinforced 2009
graphite on paper
Foot is still cramping up, resultsotherwise positive 2009
graphite on paper
Zero Sum Pilot Drawings
Dust Mining Drawings
Create an atmosphere of power 2008
graphite on paper
Memorialize your wealth, it will calm your
fears Detail 2008
graphite on paper
John McCarthy, promoter of the minees and
professional middleman 2007
graphite on paper
A Beautiful View of the dust market as wealthy miner Thatcher Rohnald
arrives with her train 2007
graphite on paper
Banvard claimed the Arctic Re Projector could
locate whale movement
within a twenty mile radius 2007
graphite on paper
Narwhal Hoax Drawings
Langley wouldn't let anyone touch his precious ropes and cables 2006
graphite on paper
Pinto Brothers Drawings
The pilot: airborne oxygen system check 2006
graphite on paper
Negligible frostnip during Baffin Bay freefall 2008
graphite on paper