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Leonardo Pereznieto

2008: Gold Medal, Italy Award for Visual Arts.
2008: Awarded by Premio Firenze, sculpture.2005: Awarded by the International Art Festival, NY, NY.
2003: The Mozart Prize for the Arts (sculpture), Nice, France.

Like Romantic artists, my work captures human feelings, sensuality and  beauty in a way that mirrors and at the
same time idealizes visual reality. But in a contemporary way.

I intend to preserve the best of tradition by placing an emphasis upon technical skill, beauty and passion while
keeping up with the times by using new media, being sensitive to our contemporary public and creating original

In retaining much of the Neoclassical and Romantic traditions, however, I make a statement against much of
modern, contemporary and conceptual art which lost sight of the technical skill, visible talent, appreciable beauty
and sensibility that have characterized art for four hundred years.

My work is Postromantic, that is, the contemporary art of passion.
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Young Harmony
Medium: Oil on canvas
40 x 31 inches
The Magic Mirror
In the Ease of Home
Seeking the Colors of Life
Metalized Resin
16 x 14 x 3 inches
The Breeze Will Bring You
my Love
Medium: Metalized resin
20 x 20 x 12 inches
Medium: Metalized resin,
crystal, H2O, Animalia
20 x 10 x 5 inches
Pouring the Crepuscule in
your Soul
Medium: Metalized resin
14 x 6 x 6 inches
Leonardo Pereznieto has been awarded with the gold medal at the Italy Award for Visual Arts,
by the International Art Festival in NYC, has received the Mozart Prize for the Arts in Nice,
France, amongst others.

He is co-founder of the new cultural movement of postromanticism, together with professor
Claudia Moscovici of the University of Michigan. His work has a life-like quality, which is
nevertheless full of imagination and fancy; a delicate sensual touch; a passionate sense of the
spirituality of earthly existence.

From his early years Leonardo began an interesting international career. Youngest son of painter
Fernando Pereznieto and of the writer and classical guitarist Corazón Otero, he was raised in an
artistic and cultural environment, and was given the great opportunity of studying in three
countries: Mexico, Italy and the United States.

With his father as his professor, since he was a very young boy he learned different techniques.
In fact, he was painting watercolors before he even knew how to talk and walk. He began to
master many other techniques like etching, lithography, serigraphy and oil painting. He had his
first painting exhibit when he was 8 at the “Goya Gallery” in Mexico City, then he presented his
work in many other international galleries and museums, in Paris, Florence, London, Frankfurt,
Montecarlo, New York, Los Angeles, etc.

Being a motoring enthusiast, he had his first individual car paintings exhibit named "High Speed"
at age 17 at the Tijuana “Continuous Dimensions” gallery. Due to the quality of his work he was
hired to do some paintings for important companies such as Volkswagen Mexico and
“Transportación Marítima Mexicana”. He also participated in the design of the first “Junior
Formula” racing cars in Mexico. Leo studied at the “Artistic Liceo” of Florence in Italy, where
learning at school was complemented by visiting the museums of this renaissance city so rich in
art. At the same time he took private lessons with famous artists and worked lithographies in
studios both in Florence and Barcelona.

Leonardo completed high school in Mexico and once he graduated he returned to Italy to
materialize one of his dreams: the study of automobile design, which he accomplished in the
"Istituto Nazionale di Scienza dell’ Automobile" in Modena. While in Italy he was a reporter for
the "Automobile Friends" magazine, where he published his drawings and many articles. His
work also appeared in other magazines such as "Grand Prix" and “Motor y Volante” of Mexico
and in the Italian "Autosprint".

Then Leonardo, full of enthusiasm toward other areas, wished to expand his knowledge and
experience, so he decided to travel to the United States, where he graduated in Business
Administration at the "International Training Organization" of California and in Executive
Administration in the "Flag Service Organization" of Florida. He accomplished this after working
in a large ship throughout the Caribbean Sea where he learned the basics of seamanship,
including the steering of the vessel. Afterwards, he worked in Hollywood, California where he
painted the sets for 7 different movies.

Moreover, he has dedicated a large part of his life to the improvement of people and society. In
this field, Leonardo has organized several drug prevention courses and lectures for the youth. He
is active bringing values back to society volunteering and being a speaker for The Way to
Happiness  foundation.

He is the Director of visual arts for the non-profit organization Artists and Runners for Human
Rights Mexico which has the purpose of raising people´s awareness about the UN´s Universal
Declaration for Human Rights, through art.

He has delivered over 50 lectures all over the world including at the New York Academy of Art,
the Celebrity Centre Florence, the University of Michigan and Tec of Monterrey, Mexico.

Currently Leonardo Pereznieto resides in NYC, from where he continues his successful artistic
career, splurging onto his work the entire aesthetic and cultural message he has been gathering
throughout his life