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J. Sebastian, Publisher
FRANKFURT, Sept 11 (Reuters) -

Seven-times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher
helped launch Ferrari's new 430 Scuderia car at the Frankfurt
autoshow on Tuesday, saying he had been involved with
development and intensive road testing. Schumacher, who has
retired from racing, gave advice on traction control, steering and
gearbox transmission to developers of the commercial vehicle.
"Part of my new role within Ferrari, is road car testing. I've had to
go to several race tracks to test the new car," the German told a
news conference.

Ferrari has launched the 430 Scuderia as a special series model
using technology derived from its Formula One team. The name
Scuderia refers
to the company's racing division.
The Worlds Largest Diamond
The Golden Jubilee
Weight: 545.67 carats
The Golden Jubilee, with the weight of 545.67 carats, is the largest faceted
diamond in the world. Rough stone weighed 755 carats and was discovered in
Premier mine, South Africa in 1985. The Golden Jubilee was presented to the King
of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee - the 50th anniversary of his coronation.
Prior to this event, the stone was simply known as the Unnamed Brown. Estimated
value of the Golden Jubilee is $4-$12 million.

Other Diamonds of Note. My gosh, can you imagine owning one of these. I
think you'll might be able to feed a small country on one of these!
The Star of Africa
The Incomparible
The name Incomparable
was given to this diamond by
its owners, the Zale
Corporation, the Dallas
based jewelry store chain,
who purchased the enormous
rough diamond from De
Beers, and unveiled it to the
world in November 1984, to
coincide with the 75th
anniversary of the Zale
Corporaion. Perhaps the
name seems to reflect the
original intention of the
owners of the diamond, to
eventually transform it into
the largest faceted diamond in
the world, surpassing the
531-carat Cullinan I diamond,
which had held the coveted
position since 1908.
Above Right: The Star of Africa, above bottom right:The Cullinan II is the massive 317.40 carat cushion shaped diamond
in the center-front of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain. Cullinan II was cut from the largest gem-quality diamond
ever found, it weighed 3106 carats, or about 1 1/3 pounds. It was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who opened the mine
and was visiting on that eventful day. The nine larger stones of the Cullinan diamond remain either in the British Crown
Jewels or in the personal possession of the Royal Family.
Everyone knows that The New York
Optimist LOVE'S
art so why not one of
these paintings to hang in your foyer?
Pollack Number 5: For Rreproductions on Jackson Pollack visit:Soho Art
According to a report in the New York
Times, on November 2, 2006, the painting
was sold by David Geffen, founder of
Geffen Records and co-founder of
Dreamworks SKG, to David Martinez,
managing partner of Fintech Advisory Ltd,
in a private sale for a record inflation
adjusted price of
$140 million.
Shearman & Sterling, LLP issued a press
release on behalf of its client, David
Martinez, to announce that contrary to
recent articles in the press, Mr Martinez
does not own the painting or any rights to
acquire it. The sale was never confirmed.

Painted by expressionist Jackson Pollock in
his trademark "drip" style, the 4' x 8'
painting is said to have been purchased by
entertainment mogul David Geffen in
November 2006.
The record-breaking sale - which followed a court order by the Austrian
government to return the painting to Bloch-Bauer's heir - was the culmination of
a years-long dispute over the painting looted by Nazis during World War II.

Painted by the art nouveau master Gustav Klimt in 1907, the portrait was
purchased in 2006 by cosmetics heir Ronald S. Lauder.
$135,000,000 for Adele
Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav
Klimt (2006)
Northland, a 100-year-old provider of
custom refrigerators, has really outdone
itself with this 72” side-by-side
refrigerator/freezer. It has a glass door and
stainless steel wrap, features “daylight”
interior lighting and easily cleaned glass
shelves. The spacious fridge has a total
capacity of 48.3 cubic feet.  $11,000
The Worlds Most
Expensive Refridgerato
World's Most Expensive Book
$4.7 million

A special limited edition of Roger Shashoua's book, Dancing with the
Bear: A Serial Entrepreneur Goes East, is the world's most expensive
books on the shelf at $4,736,400. It tells the story of the author's
acquisition of wealth in post-Soviet Russia. But the value of the book
is not written in the pages, but on the cover. The title is written in
diamonds, more than 600 of them.
A desktop computer can be an expensive investment, but most of that expense usually goes to the monitor and the gear
inside the case. After all, an extraordinarily expensive case is still only $600 and nobody’s going to put a case like that over
hardware that costs less than two or three times as much, right? Well, what if the case was made of platinum and
diamonds? Zeus, a Japanese manufacturer, is selling a computer in just such a case. Their PC, called Jupiter, is the most
expensive desktop computer in the world.

Jupiter features a case made of platinum and encrusted with jewels arranged in the shapes of constellations. As for the
hardware, Jupiter features Intel’s 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of DDR 2 memory, a 1TB hard drive and a dual Blu-
Ray/HD DVD drive. Additionally, it ships with a 24” 1920×1200 native resolution monitor.

The world’s most expensive desktop PC has been released in Japan, where it can be purchased for ¥80,000,000 ($748,720
USD). Of course, if you’re on a tight budget then you could opt for gold instead of platinum, reducing the price to
¥60,000,000 ($561,540).
Luxury Tax!
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