The New York Optimist8
So there you are Mr. or Mrs. twenty something or thirty  something
or maybe even forty something or older.
You worked your whole life saving money when you could may be  
you found the perfect partner maybe you started a family, then the
house the kids and the family car maybe not in that order.

Your driving along the highway on your way to work like you do
every day and then all of a sudden, you hear music approaching
from behind its pumping with that rock and roll beat with guitars
blaring and then she's  right next to you in a red convertible Porsche.
She looks over at you and smiles as the traffic begins to let up. You
smile back thinking to your self how you would love to be sitting in
the drivers seat with this gorgeous creature sitting  next to you
purring in your ear oooh baby you are so hot as you rev the engine.
Then you wake and she takes off as traffic in her lane clears. the
sun hits the chrome on the Porsche logo and the bumper as she
drives away and you fumble for the radio trying to find the station
playing the song you just heard humming from the little Red
Porsche, but you cant seem to find it all you get is
news and advertisements then a voice comes on the radio want to
get that car you have always dreamed about well now is your
chance come in to Manhattan Motor Cars and find the car of your
Choose from  our large selection of  Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce
Lamborghini,  and Lotus, you start to think what your net worth is
and maybe if you sell the house and the kids and the wife you may
be able to afford your dream car and once again you are forced to
wake up and smell the Dunkin Donuts Coffee wafting from the to go
cup in the beverage holster of your Hyundai and rethink your plan on
purchasing your dream car.  You grab your cell phone and call your
secretary Gladice I will be late today and you take a right off the
West side High way and veer off to 270 eleventh Avenue to get a
closer look at the cars of the gods. Pulling up to Manhattan Motor
cars you see through the window why some people will sell their
souls to own of these amazing works of art. You think to yourself
well if I can lock down that top account at work that all the
salesman have been trying to close you might be able to afford one
of these cars to the gods, Well its time to start working a little bit
harder and to stroll in to the showroom and find out if its really
possible for you to own of one of these works of art. Not Just ask
my good friend John Kaufman and see if these cars are strictly
reserved for the rich and famous or if you can actually become the
proud owner of a new Porsche. So move over Mr. DeNiro there's  a
new star in town and he's trading in the family sedan for a better
way of life!!  
The Dream Car
By John Sebastian
Tour the Cayman’s front, side and rear surfaces with your eyes, and you immediately
sense Porsche’s love of curves. The body’s muscular, sculpted features are thought by
some to be an adaptation of the twists and turns found along our favorite roads. Each
meeting of convex and
concave surfaces is designed to move the air—and the driver’s
soul—with equal ease.
Inspired by the exploits of the ‘Bentley Boys’ at the famous
Brooklands racetrack in the 1920’s, the new Bentley Brooklands
captures all the style, power and splendour of that era. A grand
touring coupé with classic British proportions and a strictly limited
lifetime production of 550 cars. With the first year’s production
already sold out, and the first deliveries to begin in the first quarter of
2008, it’s clear that the Bentley Brooklands is destined to become a
collectors classic

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