The Black Door
By Jason Chase

In the translations of many powerful books that have been written on the creation Of
our world there are many similarities in the telling of this story.  The Bible the Cabala
the Torah there is a good and an evil a simple choice to make a decision to do what’s
right And we all know what’s right I think it’s an instinct given to each and every one
of us. That includes every gender race and creed.  The Buddhists, Christians,
Moslems, Jews and everyone else, we just realise when we are doing something that’s
wrong. In the evolution of humanity I believe mankind will attain a higher level of

A dignity to rise above these less attractive human qualities of  greed and Pride and the
struggle for power. In the bible the story of the struggle for power can not be
described and made more easy for people to understand and compare this story to our
own stories than in the story of Gods favorite Angel Lucifer, who betrayed the golden
kingdom and God himself because of his pride and greed. He was then cast into the
fire but before his dissension into hell he recruited many angels to accompany him and
help build an army to overtake God and the heavens.

Do we see these stories take place in the same way here on earth of course we do, it’s
the same story over and over again taking place every day all over the World.
The simplicity of it all, think about it we run to achieve something that at the time
seems like a good idea and then were not always happy with the results and realize that
the success we achieve is not all we thought it would be.

I’m not a religious freak or anything and I am not the type of person to pass judgment
on others although I do have a strong opinion about things.
Friends have called me delusional because I may have an exaggerated outlook on things
sometimes but I assure you that i am not.

I just realize that things are cut and dry sometimes and I am aware and in tune with
these metaphors and spiritual biblical references that are taking place around us. The
truth is that if you deciphered your life to the tune of the writings of the bible and
concluded that each interaction and relationship in your life was a direct message or
part of a code then I am afraid you might you go a little mad.
It’s hard for me to ignore blatant signals and signs when they appear though and I also find it oh so entertaining when they show up. The Other night I attended an
art show at the Lana Santorelli gallery titled Summer Nudes.There were photographs and sculptures and paintings of nude women a subject  
That is one of the most popular things to work from as an artist and has been a favorite of artists for centuries.  

The Human figure, a representation of the very creature that god chose as his favorite creation, the work was fabulous there were scratchy aged and yellowing
photos of women that looked like they were taken 100 years ago.Bronze headless sculptures of a tall and wiry woman, paintings of the male torso wrapped in pink
octopus tentacles levitating in outer space digitally enhanced photos and a video of a pregnant woman that when you put earphones on and listened to the
accompanying sound on the provided headphones of a timer ticking the woman began to shake and rattle in one place until the timer alarm went ding!! And the
baby popped out into her arms. Yes it was smart and entertaining and erotic.

There were all kinds of people there, one girl had spiraling blond locks and at the top of her head her hair was colored pink and red.
With horn rimmed glasses and piercing’s in her nose and lip was living breathing art to me. There were socialite’s dressed in channel and sipping cocktails made
from the nectars of fruits of orange and shades of pink and red with the finest vodka and wines in both selections and different cheeses to nibble on as the gallery
became more crowded with energy. The crowd was intermingled with artists and patrons and passing art lovers who were curious to see what the fuss was all
about based on all the chatter and smoking outside the gallery, I ran into an old friend who was happy to see me  he had a cane and had some apparent trouble
walking probably due to age but still a vibrant youthful gait in his stride and rosy red cheeks and smile we hugged and exchanged hellos.

Some years ago I showed paintings with a gallery called Atelier art in Soho and he was one of the regular patrons of that gallery’s group and solo shows, he
mentioned his curiosity in me not participating in this event at Lana Santorelli and wondered if I was still painting and showing my art work because he like so
many others in New York who love the arts and frequent as many shows as possible, which by the way if your curious where to see some of these shows tune
into Stephan Fowlkes the art editor of The New York Optimist Magazine and his weekly article called the Art Crawl where he outlines the gallery’s in Chelsea the
art capital of the city at this moment. So I told Jim that I was working an a series of impressionistic work and that soon there would be a gallery show soon to
follow thanks to my good friend John Sebastian the genius behind the New York Optimist Magazine and all the artists and gallery’s he was featuring that doing a
show was not the issue getting the paintings done was more the problem. Then he shook his head as if he was a little confused and then replied there was no need
to be bitter in the midst of all the cool art at the Lana Santorelli Gallery, that I had the talent and the marketing skills to make it big in the art world.

I tried to explain that I was there covering the show and he once again shook his head like I was full of it and walked away limping into the crowd. It was time for  
a smoke and to see what was going on in the crowd of people outside the gallery I met a guy named Grant I saw him as I sat on the scaffolding and watched all
the people chatting. A striking blond rock and roller with his hair styled in dreadlocks and a 1940’s fedora, I looked at him and he came over to me as if I
understood some silent password artists shared and he introduced himself, My name is Grant you may have seen me in several TV shows or movies like Law and
Order etc. and I told him that I liked his hat and we exchanged numbers you may want to watch for him in the upcoming issues as John Likes to feature new and
talented artists in all genres. I sat there wondering what I would do next then a girl came over to me and said I know you and I shook my head in agreement
although I wasn’t sure if we had met, and we chatted a bit.
I went back to my perch outside and sat on the scaffolding in front and above the gallery window where the entire space from front to back could be viewed and
was the perfect place to people watch, Bess Sabota came out and greeted me with a troubled look on her face.
What’s the Matter Beth I asked, people are not supposed to have drinks outside here while they are smoking, Bess a smart looking girl with her hair tied in a bun  
wearing a  blouse and skirt looked professional, attractive and aware, which is probably why Lana Santorelli has her as the host for so many of her monthly shows.
She then darted off to one corner to see if she could apprehend some culprits and disappeared in the crowd. Turning to look back into the gallery as I took a long
drag form my Marlboro light and a sip of my wine which I was hiding behind my back as Bess appeared, I was then confronted by a vision who stood in right in
front of me in the doorway of the gallery we locked eyes on each other for sometime and she came over to me, we chatted for a bit and then she said with
conviction after some tipsy chatter lets grab a drink!!
For more of Summer
Nudes @ The Lana
Santorelli Gallery,
please visit:
The New York Optimist Gallery, Featuriing, The Lana Santorelli Gallery
Antigue & Vintage Woods of America
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In a trance I followed. We took a few paces together and we
read the bar sign across the street aloud together:
"The Black Door", located at 127 west 26th street was the
name on the all black awning and I mentioned to her that this
was the perfect name for a bar in Manhattan

based on all the supernatural story’s about the city and the
famous and fabulous people that live on this tiny Island. We
stepped in walking past three men in expensive black suits at
the bar, The crowd was made up of good looking well dressed
adults who were in the process of having an after work
cocktail on this gorgeous Thursday evening. The Bar was dark
with candles lined up on the bar and the surrounding tables
against the walls above the all wooden wall mouldings and
black leather stools. The Walls made of a dark mahogany wood
and antique style ceramic tile flooring worked immediately with
my mood the music was loud enough to drown out any
unwanted conversations taking place around me but low
enough to hear my new friend tell me that she thought this was
a classy looking place.

The Bartenders and the manager greeted me with big smiles
when I mentioned that I worked as a writer for
The New York Optimist.
I asked what type of beers they had on tap - no tap beers was
the answer.
They did have my favorite beer in a bottle
and a long list of other de;icious brews.
Hefferviesen is my favorite beer and luckily my guest liked this
beer as well.

We sat there enthralled with each other completely interested in
what each was saying, me with my trademark lense less
glasses and baseball cap with no logo and her with her 1980’s
haircut. Both of us dark brown hair and eyes giggled and
flirtatiously meandered beneath the high tin ceilings and fans
that spun the mood of the evening slowly mellow and cool.    

It seemed like I was in a dream as it does so often and then she
checked her cell phone and the dreaded text came in as she
turned to me; oh I forgot to mention, my friend from high
school is meeting me for dinner, shucks there goes another
Romantic opportunity thwarted by new technology I thought to
He met her and they left leaving me there all alone except for
the 10 or 15 other single girls out for a few drinks after work
and maybe looking to meet a tall dark handsome stranger, I
made my exit
Hill Country, Barbeque * Market
Hill Country, Barbegue * Market
At first I thought well ill just head home its early I feel a pleasant buzz from all the
sparkling good spirits and I have work tomorrow, but wait its early!!

And the truth is I was little hungry after my adventure on 26th Street so I strolled up the
block headed East and ran into a restaurant / bar that was the size of a barn house and aptly
so because the whole theme was Texan barbecue with a NY flair.

Hill Country Barbecue Market located at West 26th Street reminded me immediately of the
movie Giant starring James Dean, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor where the whole film
took place on a wealthy Texas Oil ranch.
In the movie the wealthy cattle ranch owner played by Rock Hudson had Barbecue party’s
where huge slabs of barbecued beef were being smoked over the fires and all the surrounding
ranchers joined to gossip and have a hearty meal as they discussed who was making more
money in the oil fields and the tight dress That Elizabeth Taylor was wearing.
Anyway the restaurant had that barbecue smell and feeling, I was escorted to a table by one of several lovely cowgirls and was then greeted by Lydia a cute Blond
pony tailedGirl who happened to be from Texas, Lydia knew her Texan barbecue and gave me a detailed breakdown of the meal before me, which was presented
all at once.

There was macaroni and cheese with three types of cheese Long Horn Cheddar Fontina and Brugiere, which all seemed to lack a cheesy flavor.
Strange I thought But we moved on to the barbecue chicken from the Kruez Market in Texas, the white and red sausage which are 80% Beef and 20% pork were
delicious but the outer skin was a little tough, something I was not used to, but the taste was spicy and satisfying.

Speaking of spicy the drinks, which are served in a jar, are beyond spicy outside the fact that they are served with a jalapeno pepper there is a spicy hot salt on the
tequila and vodka mixed bloody Mary. I had to constantly sip from a jar of cold water to tame the effects of the hot spicy cocktails they were serving but it was
worth it.

Melinda one of the waitresses mentioned that Bill Clinton was there to eat a few weeks ago and enjoyed the two floor bistro very much, she stopped by to see if I
was all right and she brought a sweet home made tea which soothed my palette perfectly. The buffet style serving areas seemed to work well with the Texas chef
style of dolling large portions of baked Beans and chilly onto your plate feel. If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal and in Chelsea I recommend that you stop by
for a killer cocktail a bite of barbecue some loud blues and country music and authentic cowgirls - waitresses then stop by Hill Country,
The New York Optimist
January 2009