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Designer Clothes, designer shoes,  designer food?
Why not especially if its delicious filling fresh and made to order.
Lets Face it New Yorkers are busy and really appreciate
when things are done in a timely manner.
Is it a lack of patience ? of course, I suffer from this as well.
I can’t tolerate long lines at the grocery store heavy traffic on the parkway.
And just about anything that stands in the way of me getting what I want immediately.
LOL, of course once again this is New York its over crowded at times
And waiting is just part of the process.
Coming to understand this has been an enlightening  experience but once again I tend to veer off
from the given subject, which in this article is Desigali the newest edition in an ever increasing list
of restaurants becoming ever popular among the foodies and the corporate crowd in New York.
Gaurav Anand has done it again with his trademark restaurant Bhatti right across the street, which
by the way is fantabulous, Desigali brings new meaning to Indian cuisine.
Have you heard of the sandwich being spoken in the same breath as chicken tiki masala?
I think not but Mr. Anand is bringing new meaning to what you might expect from Indian cuisine.
With a clever select your own item menu – meaning you choose the type of bread
Roomali Roti, Parantha, Mumbai Pav, Panini, then select the special dish to accompany the bread will
it be a slide in (sandwich) or a hand rolled dish.
I went bananas over the idea and started ordering as many combinations as I could.
Chicken Tiki Masala, spiced yogurt and bali spices in a parantha bread. Spicy lamb kebob, onions
cilantro and bali spices in a roomali roti or the slow cooked lamb in bali sauce also served in a roti.
Pastry puffy light buttery pastry served wrapped around desi style potatoes.
Palak patte Ki Chaat, lightly battered fried spinach leaves with yogurt, chutney and spices. Aloo
Paneer tikki cumin flavored potatoes & cottage cheese fritter.
Neatly wrapped masterfully mixed and made with love.
The food is filling and nutritious but not to the point of being to much.
The perfect lunch or dinner meal and the clever part these amazing dishes are made to go
While you wait. If you’re a neighbor or work in the area of curry hill this is a must have on your list of
lunch locations.    Desigali is located on 101 Lexington Avenue off the corner of 27th street. There is
also a cozy little dining space downstairs if you decide to eat in. Thank you Gaurav Anand for another
tasty selection on the New York food Menu!
101 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016


Sunday - Thursday 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Friday - Saturday 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM

For catering inquiries and special events, contact Pria at or 212.683.2292