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I have never been to Washington DC to take the tour of the White House  nor have I been to England to have tea with the queen but a few hours
north of Manhattan is a sleepy little town steeped in American history called Frenchtown, New Jersey and the overall atmosphere gave me the
comfortable layed back feeling of an aristocrat with deep pockets and a mighty big appetite.  Some words I may use to describe Frenchtown might be
majestic, affluent,  and soaked in what some people call "old money". But this is not an essay on Frenchtown NJ, it's just my impression of this historic
jewel of a town.
The Frenchtown Inn is another 5-star culinary experience we recently had the great fortune to explore on our optimistic trip along
the Delaware River. Chef Andrew Tomko and his family have brought upscale and contemporary fine dining to Frenchtown in a renovated Victorian
structure full of rustic charm that dates back to 1805.

We met with Chef Andrew's wife, Coleen Tomko, a beautiful young lady who knows how to make you feel right at home. Her husband's menu is a
combination of a number of different dishes, many with a french twist. We started with a selection of divine patés which are made on the premises:
country paté, poultry paté, garlic sausage with a homemade crusted waffle chip over top of a Liver Mousse, finished with toasted crustades and
Cumberland sauce. My entreé was beef tips,  cut from the finest selection of filet mignon,  with wild mushrooms and shallots served in a bouché with
garlic potatoes, sauteed vegetables and a red wine ajou,  My guest enjoyed the scrumptious soft shell crabs and shrimp in a caper lemon butter
sauce with tomato cous cous and vegetables. (Writing this article is inspiring me to take another trip to Frenchtown very soon).  For dessert, we
delighted in a frozen chocolate tureen tossed with air dried cherries served over a Franjelica cream with chocolate covered strawberries, and a peach
sauvignon--a french custard mixed with peach schnapps-- served in a pastry cup with fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and kiwi.

Combining atmosphere, top quality food and drink, the Frenchtown Inn is a cozy, comfortable restaurant that is perfect for a romantic dinner for two, a
corporate event, or a lunch or dinner with family and friends.  (I really hope the Tomkos decide to open a restaurant in New York as I would definitely
be a regular!)         
The Frenchtown Inn
7 Bridge Street – Frenchtown, NJ 08825 908-996-3300
After a deliciously satisfying lunch, we strolled down the charming streets of Frenchtown, taking in the relaxed and laid back feeling that a
small town can bring to people who live in big cities like Manhattan. There were a number of wonderful boutiques, galleries and stores to
explore and find unique gifts and works of art. You can see some of the artwork of artist/gallery owner,
Jessica Krause, who settled in
Frenchtown after a long career as an artist in NYC.
Note that Coleen Tomko mentioned that Frenchtown was holding a Bastille Day festival on July 16th from 12:00 - 6:00  that will
include puppet shows, live music, street performers and so much more. So if you are looking to make plans for this upcoming weekend, I
suggest to check out the festival and to make a reservation with Coleen Tomko for a wonderful meal at
The Frenchtown Inn.