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Its amazing the older I get the more I learn and the less I take for granted.
2011 brought a lot of good things to the people I know personally (family and friends)
and of course brought a great deal of satisfaction to the staff here at
We were thrilled to see the number of readers double triple then quadruple taking us over 150,000 points
in the ranking system. It went by fast though, I blinked my eyes and and it was 2011 then blinked again and now its 2012. In three
months it will start to get warm and then summer will be here. When you mark the time and events in your life by a weekly calender
I guess it adds to the already fast paced process that life takes as you get more mature in years. There have been so many great
artists and talented people that we have had the pleasure of working with and I would like to thank each and every one of them.

I set out to create a platform for talented people in every walk of life and give them a showcase to
get their amazing work out there for the public to enjoy and in many cases attain for their homes.
The best part was that I could do this for them for free.  If I could share some valuable advice with you I would tell you to give
yourself, your time heart and your experience to others. It comes back to you trust me in ways I could have never imagined.
The satisfaction that comes from helping others is enough but there is more, I am one of those people that believes in Karma and
universal truth and righteousness. You wont find me on the corner holding up a cardboard sign pleading with you to repent.
But if you read the NY Optimist every week then your looking at my sign. The message is love, it may sound corny but whether you
like it or not  its true. Love is the key factor in everything thats good in this life.

We work (if we are lucky enough to) at creating and building the things we love,
we strive to find love in others and hope to share our lives with the people that love us.
But this is New York, this is the real world, this is life so love can only carry us so far. We need a number of ingredients to live and
be able to share and find love in this life. Money being the number one on the list for survival unfortunately.
Without it the love can drain out of us faster than the speed of light. I have witnessed the unfortunate things that human beings are
capable of when the struggle to earn enough money outweighs everything else in their life. The list of ugly features include
bitterness, jealousy, paranoia, fear, anger,  calculated sneakiness and the list gos on.
How can you avoid these feelings all together and escape from this negative downward spiraling endless black hole.
Unfortunately at some point or another I'm afraid we all experience one or another of these horrible attributes because we are all
(mankind) in the process of evolution. At least we can be thankful for the fact that we have improved a lot over the century's. At
least we are no longer banging each other over the head  with blunt objects in the public square to make a point.
It still happens now and then but there are laws that man has created to at least tell people that its the wrong thing to do.

I have found that the best way to stay positive and make money is to do something you love or like alot.
Here's what you do - look into a mirror  - then look into your inner mirror of your heart and soul - again corny but bear with me.
Ask yourself what would i like to do, who do i want to be, and then figure out how to become and do what you have always
wanted.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and you may not get rich at all,  but what you will be doing is slowly building a
momentum that will impress others and more importantly keep you happy most of the time.
Life is a mathematical equation - when you add up the things you need to do to attain a goal and you follow the steps you will
eventually reach that goal and find out that its time to create another goal. Remember goals are important, they create confidence
and show you results.  There is more to this program but I'm not writing this letter to become some kind of self help guru.
There are plenty of those out there already and some of them are worth looking into but the real trick is to find out what works for
you and the most important thing after that is to do it! You have to start someplace or else you may just there dreaming about it
which isn't a bad thing sometimes but wont reveal immediate results. The guy who created the slogan for Nikey  (Just Do IT)
is a genius trust me take the advice and do it.

What can you look forward to in 2012 from the New York Optimist?
Well you can be sure that we will continue to feature the best artists in all genres, the best restaurants, and closer attention to the
other subjects that the New York Optimist offers, Travel  Home Design, Architecture, Real Estate, Music, and much more.
Our sections will be updated weekly or bi weekly so click on them as they will all be redesigned for your reading pleasure.
Finally we will try to bring you the things to help make your life a better place to be by entertaining you educating you and sparing
as much nonsense that most other media based products are full of ;-)
Once again the staff and I thank you for being Optimistic and wish you the best that life has to offer in 2012.  

John Sebastian
Publisher / CEO    
Publishers Note for the Closing Of
Level 42 is an English pop rock and jazz-funk band which had a number of worldwide and UK hits
during the 1980s and 1990s.

The band gained fame for its high-calibre musicianship — in particular that of Mark King, whose percussive slap-bass guitar technique
provided the driving groove of many of the band's hits. The band are also known for the combination of King's lead vocals and keyboard
player Mike Lindup's falsetto backing vocals.

Having been a very successful live and studio band in the 1980s, Level 42's commercial profile diminished during the early 1990s following a
series of personnel changes and musical shifts. After disbanding in 1994, the band reformed in 2001.
Mark King and the Gould brothers — Rowland (universally known as "Boon") and Phil — had all been brought up on the Isle of Wight and had
played together in various bands during their teenage years. Phil Gould went on to study at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama,
where he met keyboard player Mike Lindup. Although Lindup was primarily studying piano, he had also taken a course in percussion
alongside Phil. The two musicians found that they shared musical heroes: Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Keith Jarrett and Jan Hammer.

By 1979, Mark King was also living and working in London. Both he and Phil Gould became involved in Robin Scott's pop project M — Gould
contributed to the US number one single 'Pop Muzik'. Another musician who contributed to M was a renowned Afro-French keyboard and
synthesizer player called Waliou "Wally" Badarou.

In late 1979, Phil introduced King and Lindup to each other and the band which would become Level 42 began to coalesce via loose
rehearsal sessions, developing their own jazz-funk fusion style. The first of these incarnations featured Dominic Miller as guitarist, but he was
soon replaced by Boon Gould on the latter's return from working in the United States (Miller would later find fame playing with Sting).

Initially, the instrumental responsibilities in the band were not easy to decide. Boon Gould was equally adept on six-string guitar and bass
guitar (as well as playing saxophone), while Mark King was primarily a drummer (though he'd also played guitar). Like Phil Gould, Mike Lindup
had trained as a percussionist and played drums in addition to keyboards. After an ill-fated European venture, King had recently had to sell
his own drumkit in order to fund his journey back to the UK. With Phil Gould set to take the drummer's role in the band, and Boon Gould
established as the most skilled guitar player, it made most sense for King to use his own guitar-playing skills in order to take on the role of
bass guitarist, so he volunteered to learn how to play the instrument.