The New York Optimist magazine is a multi media company focusing on the arts, and
Lifestyles both local and worldwide

Online:  the New York Optimist can be viewed as an interactive resource for Lifestyles and The Arts, Education and Business
Spotlights that cover most industries including
Real Estate, Fine Dining, Travel, Interior Design, Education, Health care, Music and Live news feeds from, You Tube, Face book,
My Space, Twitter, CBS, NBC, and many other information and networking based companies and websites.

Reaching an educated and affluent audience that come to the website weekly to read feature articles by the finest
journalists in their Field covering the subjects that matter most to readers. You can find the best restaurants in the city to eat
your favorite cuisine
Check news that’s updated daily, see the hottest artists and the galleries or locations where you can see their work.

In the Real Estate section we cover what’s happening in the market where and when to buy and when to sell with the top listings
from the Top Brokers and independent building owners all over the city and other major global markets.

Education section features the best schools in the country and the world.
With Cutting edge articles that instruct parents to the best and most affordable schools, camps, and specialty and trade schools
to send their children, with lessons by teachers ranging from     
English history to music and fine cuisine, to do it yourself projects.

Our round the clock globe trotting
Travel Experts lead you to those exclusive
Hard to find travel destinations and go the extra step to find package deals that include hotels, car rentals, airfares and spas to
make your trip perfect.

In our
Dining section you can find the best restaurants in the city and beyond
Read about the menus and chefs that prepare them.

Of Course
you will need to be healthy to really enjoy all that
The New York Optimist has to offer  the health section features the best that the medical industry has to offer, read articles by
the most respected and trusted doctors in their field.
Urology, Lung and Heart specialists, Plastic Surgery and general health related articles to keep you fit and trim.

Through targeted global search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN and AOL, The New York Optimist Online
magazine is able to create a constant stream of traffic based on targeted key words and subjects that direct your target audience
to our website and keep them interested with story’s and articles on the subjects that matter most to them.
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Traffic Statistics for Advertisers
Traffic for the Week  of December 27th 2009 - January 3rd 2010  
Modular Architeture: Douglas Culter
How The Advertisers Program Works

Averaging a quarter of a million hits monthly we are able to offer advertisers a venue that gets
direct response from our readers.
By placing Banners at the top of our
featured pages and skyscraper rectangular ads at the sides
of our pages which are linked to the clients website,  The New York Optimist presents the clients
product in  unique
and powerful positions that get attention from our readers.

Example: Digital Artist Martin Dingli:
notice at the top of this page you will find The Columbia University Department of Surgery Banner,
By Placing this Banner on multiple pages we increase the percentage for viewers to click on this

Being a weekly online magazine we feature up to 10 new artists writers architects doctors and
specialized articles where clients are able to dominate the attention of our readers by being the only
advertiser on the page.

Clients are not only visible through Banners and advertisements but  are also featured guests
taking the intrusive nature of advertising and
making it more friendly and educational. As an advertiser your company will be featured right on the
home page for the duration of your campaign in a text link on our cover which resembles the cover
of a magazine
The New York Optimist Cover
leading readers to your own featured page.

Here are some Examples of how we do this:  
Douglas Cutler Architects:
Ultimate Escapes
Columbia University Department of Surgery
Leann Schanzer Broadway Promotions
Deerfield Spa
Not only do we feature our clients advertising on our website we also share the featured advertisers pages on networking
sites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space and many other networking sites where our hand picked audiences and fan clubs get
direct suggestions from our staff on whats  happening in The New York Optimist with links that go directly to our clients pages.
We currently have two programs that we offer to advertisers and select clients.

The Featured Advertiser Program:
8 weeks of advertising your featured page on the cover / homepage, banner ads rectangle
skyscraper ads on multiple featured content pages  and network website postings.
8 Weeks: total: $500

The Listing Advertisement:
Your company is listed in our directory's for 16 weeks in the category that your business is
suited for Example:
These are the featured sections of our website and are updated regularly with new story's and
features that outline each industry and
16 Week Listing total: $200
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