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The air smells cleaner, the landscapes come more alive and a certain hint of peaceful bliss comes over me as soon as I head on a road trip out
of the city. I see the city as a non-stop action packed theme park for adults--the energy here can be a little frantic-- so when I get the chance to
escape from New York, a feeling of calm  comes over me and a happy grin sneaks up on my face.
I was thinking about how lucky I am to be just a few hours drive in any direction from the  quaint scenic surroundings of places like Bucks County
and New Hope, Pennsylvania. Victorian homes and cottages sit along long winding roads, and fragrant American Basswood, rosebuds and
misty flowers adorn the senses as their soothing scents drift through the air.           
A few weeks ago, we were invited to spend the weekend to review The Woolverton Inn in Stockton NJ,  just a few miles east of the Delaware
river , and I have not been able to get that peaceful feeling of tranquility back since then.   
Their website advertises the Woolverton Inn as "a far away place close to home", and that’s exactly what it is. Surrounded by 300 acres of
preserved forest and farmland, this lovely Victorian bed and breakfast with its country estate setting will make you feel right at home.
We arrived just before dusk and were greeted by one of the innkeepers, Bob Haas, who gave us a tour of the manor house's ground floor. In the
elegant living room lounge area there was a grand piano which I took the privilege of playing one night probably a little too late after we had
come back from a late dinner .
The deck behind the manor stretched from one end of the house to the other, had tables and chairs set up
for breakfast or casual lounging,  and overlooked the majestic green grass pasture.   
Bob showed us to our room, "Stockton's Hideaway", located up two twisting flights of stairs in the corner of the main manor house. The room
dating back to 1792 had all the amenities of a modern 5-star hotel: featherbed, gas fireplace, and bathroom with a double whirlpool tub.  Adding
to the room's charm was a window seat for two overlooking the treetops, horse shoe garden and grazing sheep.   We were fascinated to learn
that Stockton's Hideaway was dedicated to St. John Terrell, founder of
The Lambertville Music Circus and owner of the Woolverton manor house in the 1950's and 60's. Many celebrities of the time stayed with Mr.
Terrell at the Wolverton including Ella Fitzgerald and The Supremes.
Adjacent to the manor house were upscale private cottages, each one equipped with spa-like modern
conveniences: whirlpool tub, crystal chandeliers, fireplace and oversized showers for two. The luxury factor
was high on the list of reasons we reviewed The Woolverton Inn, but there were so many more reasons
that made themselves evident after spending the first night.
The Garden Cottage
Our first night we had a wonderful dinner at The Black Bass Inn (You can read this review here).
After dinner, we strolled out onto the soft plush grass in the moonlight behind the inn. There we sat in two Adirondack chairs, gazing up into the
dark night sky as the stars seemed to twinkle and dance to a silent symphony orchestrated for our ears only.
We then settled into our Hideaway,  a cozy comfortable treat after a night on the town.
I decided to take advantage of the huge whirlpool tub before retiring into the large comfy feather bed for a lovely slumber.
In the morning we awoke to the smell of gourmet breakfast-- delicious lemon ricotta pancakes and fresh fruit-- served on the patio overlooking
the property. The weather was perfect which only added to our private paradise.  
With so many wonderful things to see and do just a short distance away from the Woolverton Inn--great restaurants, museums, antique shops,
tubing down the Delaware, hiking paths, bicycle rides and much more--  I wished we had booked a longer stay.
I will be back to visit for sure.
I would like to give Carolyn McGavin and Bob Haas, the Innkeepers of the Woolverton Inn,  a big thank you for being such gracious hosts and for
showing us an Optimistic good time ;-)
Woolverton Inn
Innkeepers: Carolyn McGavin & Bob Haas
6 Woolverton Road, Stockton, NJ 08559
609.397.0802 • 888.264.6648