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Royal Caribbean International
“Explorer of the Seas”

It is human nature to want to travel, to “explore.”

On Royal Caribbean’s “Explorer of the Seas” cruise ship, you can do just
that! You will leave from Cape Liberty, in Bayonne, NJ and have a choice of
sailing north to the breathtaking Canadian/New England region, south to
beautiful Bermuda or discover the warmth of the Eastern and Southern

The Explorer of the Seas can accommodate over 3000 guests and offers
enhanced staterooms, expanded spa -style and vegetarian dining options, and
extraordinary recreational activities.

WOW !  3D MOVIES.  WOW !  NFL ACTION.  Put the 2 together
and you get a double whammy.  On Dec 4, 2008 there was another milestone
in technology. The National Football League broadcast its 1st live game in
3D.  This happened  when the NFL and 3ality teamed up to broadcast the San
Diego Chargers vs  the Oakland Raiders  The 3d company 3ality is based out
of Burbank, California.   3Ality represents a powerhouse of advancements in
the entertainment industry. Their mission is to deliver pixel perfect 3D
viewing and enjoyment. 3ality is a leader in their industry. They were the first
to provide digital  live-action 3 for a network television show; NBC's "Chuck"
and of course their debut production was that of U2 3D, shot again entirely in
digital live action 3D.
NFL Footbal in 3D
John Scierp and Ellie Robyns
Away from Home-Upstate New York - Ellie Robyns
The Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains are in a state of accelerated renewal. Considering most of the places listed are within 2 hours of NYC and work
with most any budget, you will have no excuse but to pamper yourself. Whether you go by car, take the Metro North railroad, or hop on your Harley, you will
find so much to do so close to home.
In today’s stressful times, it is good to know you can get away, if even for the day, to enjoy the splendor of the seasons.
Fall is my favorite time of year upstate New York. Watching the leaves change, picking a pumpkin or an apple.
.in the “big apple” Nothing like it!
Brooklyn Aces are flying high!

When I first found out about Brooklyn’s new and first Hockey team I was surprised to say the least. I
had not heard anything until I received an email invite to attend a charity game the Brooklyn Aces held
earlier this month. Apparently they have many charity events in connection with their home games.

The New York Boat Show December 13-21st 2008Jacob Javits Center www.nyboatshow.com Thousands
of boating and fishing enthusiasts start their season at the New York National Boat Show. With its
101-year long history the show is recognized as
THE place to see the latest and greatest in boating. From
yachts and cruisers, from canoes and kayaks, from electronics and engines to fishing gear, to endless  
travel destinations, you'll see it here first! Highlights: Check out the "Green" Boating Zone, visit the Hudson
River Quadricentenial and/or for those who think owning a boat is beyond their reach, there is the brand
new Affordability Pavilion!
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Wear A Watch

A dear friend of mine, who is now "watching" over me, once taught me this
crucial lesson: If you want to be on time, wear a watch. If you want to have
really good time management skills, wear a watch. Overall, if you want to be
successful in life, wear a watch.

When you put on a watch, you immediately feel organized, professional and
even pretty (especially if it is diamond-faced). However, more importantly
than the look
of the watch, is what the watch represents.
Top 10 places to ring in the new year! (2008-

When people say they are feeling “hot and cold” about something or too often
the statement is geared toward women. Many men say “women go from hot
to cold” or visa versa, in no time.
Well, when it comes to where to travel for new years eve..it is actually a good
thing to run “hot and cold.”

New York City and Miami are the two top destinations for New years eve!
You can’t get more polar opposites than 20 degrees and white snow or
degrees and white sand!
Wynn Las Vegas
Travel Trends and destinations for 2009 TOP 10 DESTINATIONS
By Ellie Robyns

U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Iceland, Colombia,
and the United Kingdom (not in any particular order)

Within the United States, the West is showing the best package deals, all-
inclusive specials and great theme and national parks packages.

Las Vegas is showing new trends with more spas and natural amenities vs.
more casinos. Don't
Eden Services, an amazing New Jersey-based nonprofit organization, was founded in 1975 with a mission to improve the lives of children and adults with
autism and their families. They now have locations in Florida and Connecticut and provide a full spectrum of services such as day treatment programs,
residential and employment services. They treat people with dignity and give them hope for a full life. Eden's certified and well trained staff are dedicated to
community education about autism and the many ways in which
individuals with autism can live continue to


When friends and family asked me how
long it is has been since I visited Las
Vegas, I gave them a rough estimate. 15
They stressed how much Las Vegas has
changed and that I would not recognize the

How could I NOT recognize the strip, it
stands out and goes for miles and the night
lights are enough to light a small city! (low
energy bulbs of course).
Real Estate, Home Improvement, Company Promotions etc..

Green Pearl New York Real Estate Industry Soiree – February 5th, 2009
(Formerly My deal book.com)- Green Pearl seeks to bring people together to network for business and to
gain knowledge in the fields of real estate, management, mortgages, staging and many other related industries.

NOTE: This Feb 5th event is in conjunction with a Speed Networking event to be held upstairs at the same
location. For information on that event, go to:
The New York Optimist
Valentine’s Day Events:

The talk of the town this Valentine’s Day has to be:

Hudson Terrace
Prime location, Zen-like décor and delicious cuisine are all part of what makes Hudson Terrace the place to
be this Valentine’s Day.
Hosting their first Valentine’s Day Ball on 2/14/09, Hudson Terrace will offer a Champagne reception, night-
long dj entertainment and an open Vodka bar from 9-10pm. Formal attire suggested. To purchase tickets,
visit www.onvalentines.com and visit www.
hudsonterracenyc.com for more information and photos of this
Hudson hot spot!
PERCEPTION……..From Puberty
to Prostate.
Ellie Robyns

When people say “perception is reality” are they talking about
their OWN perception or each person’s perception in general? IS
the perception of the same situation/photo etc., different based on
who is perceiving it or are there “standard perceptions”
which are static?
Ellie Robyns- Around Town
“Thoroughly Modern Millie”
If you want to see a great rendition of the film and broadway classic play,
Throughly Modern Millie, get to The Gallery Players
theater in Park Slope Brooklyn Located at 199
14th street between 4th and 5th Avenues, The
Gallery Players are now in their 42nd season of
performances and of delighting audiences.
You will feel like you are on broadway without
the expense and the shlep into the city!
The cast is extremely professional, friendly and
talented. The range of voices is wide..........
Around Town-
Week of March

The Armory Show 2009
243 International
Galleries featuring the
most important
art of
the 20th and 21st

Wow is it March? Does that make this New Year an "old" year already? Is is still ok to
say "happy new year" to someone you have not spoken to since 1/1/09? Will you be
looked at funny?
And WHO deems what is appropriate? Is there an invisible "social etiquette" board who
secretly votes on what is right and proper vs what is outdated and "weird behavior?"
Orrrr, are WE are OWN best/worst judges?

If so, we better either walk around with long black judge robes, or just go naked
because either way we are really raw to society's standards and reactions. Even those
who dont follow the general masses about what
are the right things to say, do, wear
Ellie Robyns, In My Own Words
Ellie Robyns: In My Own Words

F-Flossing- What's the point of the "unwaxed" floss.Do they
want to kill you, is that really supposed to work.. Ever try
getting an UN waxed piece of floss between your teeth and not
bleed? That is insane.Must have been invented by Nazis. OR
how about when people "floss" with a tooth pick at the dining
table? hate that...

G-Gargling..Ok, so in keeping with the above them of hygiene,
lets discuss gargling. How many times do you rinse and gargle in
one shot? once, twice, 4 times? How about the person who
gargles with their head back for like 5 minutes and appears to
actually get into it
like they are singing a bad aria?
Although skiing is traditionally a costly sport, with the right search, you can discover
some good deals on individual and family ski packages. O ne way to save is to go
either early or late in the ski season—in November or March, to be exact. However, if
you prefer to ski at the height of the season, from December-February, you can still
find good deals, with a little due diligence.

Your vacation will be much less expensvie if you can travel by car, rather than
airplane. Midweek, non-holiday times and one-day passes can all work out to be more
advantageous. There are many family-friendly ski
resorts within five hours of NYC.
Ellie Robyns: "Dream of Eden"
Eden Services, an amazing New Jersey-based nonprofit
organization, was founded in 1975 with a mission to improve
the lives of children and adults with autism and their families.
They now have locations in Florida and Connecticut and provide
a full spectrum of services such as day treatment programs,
residential and employment services. They treat people with
dignity and give them hope for a full life. Eden's certified and
well trained staff are dedicated to community education about
autism and the many ways in which individuals with autism can
live continue to
The Hudson Valley is in a state of accelerated renewal. Considering most of this pristine
region is within a few hours of NYC and will work with most any budget, you will have no
excuse but to pamper yourself! Whether you go by Metro North railroad (
and/or hop on your bike when you arrive, you will find so much to do so close to home. For a
day trip or a weekend getaway,
the Hudson Valley is the place to be!
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"The Work Wave"
-Ellie Robyns

You pull into your parking lot at work, park your car and begin
your walk to the office for another glorious work day. All of a
sudden another car pulls in, and honks, seemingly at you. You
want to spring into action as you NEVER KNOW who is honking!
Especially when it is one of your bosses!

On a recent day I waved back, really unsure who it was in the
car, but assured it was someone I worked with. Good thing I gave
the "extra" work wave.. You know, that special wave, which
includes a big smile AND a nod! In this case it came in handy,
because it WAS one of my supervisors!
Around Town and Travel Weekly

NY Auto Show- This amazing annual auto show, is being held at the Javits Center from April
10-April 19th.
Green is the new Black and many car makers will show off their new green concepts for cars
as well as hosting
numerous seminars and car "fashion" shows!
Visit www.autoshowny.com for all show details and tickets.

The Cooperators Co-op Condo Expo- Hilton NY
April 7th
This annual event offers hundreds of exhibitors in the fields of real estate, construction, design
and development. Ongoing
seminars and free registration-
Body Image- "Love Handles"-Ellie Robyns

The Reasons why they are called "Love Handles":

If the pretty, pouchy area around your hips and stomach are called
"love handles", why do most women HATE them so

In that case, they should be called HATE Handles, but they are not!
And for good reason!

Most of us write, use and speak words without thinking about their
implication. Women say it all the time "I HATE my
LOVE Handles!"  Hello, this is a true oxymoron! I would rather LOVE
my HATE handles~
Around Town

"Recent events"

Architectural Digest Annual Home Show- www.archdigesthomeshow.com
Once again AD magazine hosted their annual and elaborate design show at Pier 94 in
manhattan. Endless "green" design ideas,
elaborate furniture and appliances and comprehensive consultations with top designers were all
offered to trade and to the
The Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids (www.diffa.org) was again on hand to play
host to an amazing benefit.
Designers and students from all top area design schools displayed their fascinating dining
layouts for invited guests to study
and to enjoy. An elaborate silent auction added to the flair and fun at this very important benefit
to fight AIDS!
Ellie's "shorts" -Ellie Robyns
The Napkin in my Sleeve...

As I wrote this I also looked around to find a napkin to wipe the
crumbs from my keyboard.. Since I am
such a dedicated writer, I eat at my desk..but don't worry I still
maintain good posture.

So, where was the napkin? Against my wrist, inside my shirt
sleeve! Immediately I thought, here we
go..after all the times I said "I am not going to be my mom" it
turns out that I am not! I am my
Around Town Weekly-Ellie Robyns

Holidays are over, back to work/school?..Well here are some fun and informative upcoming
to keep you busy in and around NYC..
April 22nd- May 3rd
The famous annual Tribeca Film Festival begins this week, and will have endless screenings
and events for
film fans and families alike! There are also many free events in connection with the TFF
festival. Events
such as ESPN day on May 2nd, where you can meet
sports personalities and engage in